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Upload your hero art for exhibition at the MY HERO virtual art Gallery. Send us works of art that are original in any media that portray heroes, heroism, compassion, kindness or heroic deeds. Professional artists and students of all ages are invited to participate.

MY HERO Gallery will not knowingly exhibit any artwork that has been plagiarized or reproduced from another website or from any other source. MY HERO Gallery will not exhibit any images that promote hate, violence or prejudice.

All artwork published by the MY HERO Gallery must be appropriate for all age viewers, including students and children. All approved artwork will be used by the MY HERO Project for display throughout the website.

The user-friendly template prompts you to upload their artwork and include text from any computer with an Internet connection. Tell us if the text is original (you wrote it) or credit the source of your caption (book, magazine, website). We can then link your image to that material. Follow the tutorials on the Gallery homepage.

Teachers using the MY HERO Gallery program in the classroom should include the student name, and the school or organization name on each art page submitted. Teachers can then locate their students' work by searching the MY HERO database with the name of the school or organization. Educators can register in the My Hero Teachers Room for additional Gallery lesson plans.

Please contact the MY HERO Gallery curatorial staff at curator@myheroproject.org with your comments, questions or suggestions.
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