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by Olivia from Innisfil

Kristianne was born February 11th at Mount Sini in Toronto Ontario. She was raised by her stepfather Michael and her mother Josee. Kristianne has a twin, Madison, and a younger sister, Chanelle. Kristianne only has one arm and yet she does gymnastics and dance!

Kristianne’s main influence is her twin sister Madison. Madison helped Kristianne a lot when they were growing up. Kristianne will always remember Madison for helping her when they were growing up.

One challenge that my hero experienced was that she got bullied a lot because she only had one arm. That affected her because it made her feel different from everyone else and that she couldn’t do anything because she only had one arm.

Even though my hero has only one arm, she can do everything that we can do. When Kristianne was 5 she started gymnastics. When she turned 9 she started competitive gymnastics and went to the University of Toronto and got first place on the uneven bars. To this day Kristianne still does gymnastics.

Kristianne is a hero to me because she is amazing. If I were her, I wouldn’t be able to do half the stuff that she does. Something amazing about Kristianne is that she is a War Amp and she educates younger kids on being an amputee. Some character traits that Kristianne displays are inclusiveness because she is always including others in everything that she does, and empathy because she is always caring about others by teaching younger kids about the War Amps. Kristianne Presutti is my hero!

Some important details about my hero are that she only has one arm, she thinks about other people and not just herself, and she can do anything that we can do. Kristianne Presutti is my awesomely amazing hero!

Written by Olivia from Innisfil
Last changed on: 7/25/2008


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