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by Joseph from USA

Is a hero a man or a woman admired for achievements or noble qualities? Or is a hero a superhero as shown in comics and on TV? Your hero may be famous or known just to you. My hero is my father, Joseph Marcel Shook, Jr. He lived in Clifton and moved approximately seventeen years ago to Cedar Grove, New Jersey.

My father is a Funeral Director. He helps people when they are sad by accommodating everyone. He accommodates every religion, nationality, and race. He is known to the community for doing this and being in clubs that help poor families and senior citizens in our area.

My father is in many clubs that help the community. He is in the Elks, UNICO for nineteen years, Verona/Cedar Grove Council for eighteen years, Knights of Columbus, Cedar Grove Rotary, and the Center for Italian American Culture in Cedar Grove. These clubs raise money for scholarships to help people that are in need. They donate anonymously to the needy and to families that don’t have much.

My dad works for the special fundraisers in our town. They are Pasta Night, Carnivals, The Wet Down, which is for the Cedar Grove Ambulance and Rescue Squad, and Community Memorial Park. Pasta Night is at St. Catherine’s of Siena where my father, my sister, other members of clubs, and I cook pasta, sauce, bread, desserts and give soda to the people. At the carnivals, my dad cooks and he takes my sister and me on rides and we also play games. The Wet Down and Pool Opening is the same thing, but at the Wet Down they have people and police that show you the consequences of drugs and they encourage you not to do drugs.

My father has won many important awards. He has won an Outstanding Businessman’s Award from the Cedar Grove’s Elk’s Lodge. He received Man of the Year Award for UNICO in 1998. He also has been President of UNICO twice.

In conclusion, my father is a community leader, respectful to others, a hard worker, religious, respected by others, a family man, and kind-hearted. My father has made many differences in my life. My father has taught me to be fair and to respect everyone. He has taken me all over the world and he has taught me to strive for my goals. He encourages me at my soccer games to keep playing my best. And one time I ended up scoring two goals to win. My dad is my hero because of his constant caring about me and about our community.

Written by Joseph from USA
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