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Matt Sellers from Damascus writes:
Harry Houdini is my hero because he was an awesome magician. Houdini could escape from anything that you put in front of him.

by Luke

Harry Houdini was a skilled escape artist. He was born in Budapest, Hungary, on March 24, 1874. His family came to America and settled in Appleton, Wisconsin. His real name was Ehrich Weiss. He had three sisters and three brothers.

Harry really didn't have any educational backround. He ran away a day after his twelfth birthday. He was restless to see the world. He sent his family a postcard saying, "I'm heading for Galveston, Texas. Be back in a year." When he hopped on the railcar he got on the wrong car and went to Kansas City. He never did get to Texas. The only education he received was in the circus as a trapeze artist.

Harry Houdini was the first person to escape from the straitjacket. He was also the first man who did an open air escape. He was one of the most famous magicians in the world.

He was able to act in front of large crowds. He was able to take other magicians' ideas and add on to them. So far, no one has become a better escape artist than Harry Houdini. He died on Halloween night, October 31, 1926.

Written by Luke from Waseca
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HOUDINI! is a beautiful and informative site by Robinson Wizard, Inc.

The Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA, includes a special section for teachers and has a great biography of Houdini

The Society of American Magicians was one of Houdini's favorite organizations

Houdini: Master of Illusion
by Clinton Cox

Spellbinder: The Life of Harry Houdini
by Tom Lalicki

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