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by Tim from Salinas

When I think of heroes, I think of people who exhibit a goodness in both their professional and personal lives. I think of someone who can face adversity squarely and keep moving forward. And I see heroes as those who handle with humility any blessings and adulation resulting from their efforts. Enter Randy Randall.

If Randy was simply a loyal and devoted husband/friend/partner, good father, effective teacher, and successful basketball coach, he could easily qualify as a hero to many people.

But throw in his courageous, determined battle with cancer for the last four years while holding up his end of the bargain in the aforementioned roles, and--well--you have my hero!

Randy is the husband/friend/partner who takes those special foggy-night walks with wife and Monterey County Herald writer Sharon Randall. He has helped raise kids who Sharon seems pleased to include in her columns. He has starred in the classroom where students found his science classes challenging, yet rewarding.

And his basketball coaching successes speak on two levels--in his win-loss record and in the respect afforded him by his players and opposing coaches. I can only hope to exhibit half the strength, courage, and integrity Randy has shown through his years on the Monterey Peninsula. And with that, I'd better stop writing and start modeling myself after Randy Randall.

Written by Tim from Salinas
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