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Boundary Street Public School
Grade 5 Class

Boundary Street Public School is located in the town of Prescott along the St. Lawrence River in Ontario, Canada.  We have a class of 16 Grade 5 students (11 girls and 5 boys).  We truly enjoyed participating in the My Hero project.  In class, we studied several "Heroes" using the My Hero website and several different texts.  We wrote essays, completed art activities, graphic organizers and made "Wordle" word clouds about our heroes.

Eva Olsson 
by Devan from Prescott, Canada

Eva Olsson 
by Skylar from Prescott, Canada

Levi Coffin 
by Cass from Prescott, Canada

Ron Ralph 
by Darren from Prescott
Anne Frank
by Courtney

by Tasha from Prescott
My Great Grandma Wagar
by Alyssa

Sue and Martin O'hanlon 
by Bria from Prescott, Canada
Martin Luther King Jr
by Danny
Rosa Luise Parks
by Alexandra

Rosa Parks 
by Kyle from Prescott, Canada

Harriet Tubman 
by Jess from Prescott

Ludwig Van Beethoven 
by Lea from Prestcott, Canada

Andrei Rogozine 
by Bria from Prescott, Ontario, Canada

Uncle Wayne 
by Ravyn from Prescott, Canada
David Suzuki
by Brooke

Thomas Alva Edison 
by Justin from Prescott, Canada
by sam
Jared Drake Bell
by Lea

Jesus Christ 
by Aron from Prescott, Canada
by cassidy
Severn Cullis-Suzuki
by Kelsey

Bryan Sommerville 
by David from Prescott, Canada

Edgar Allan 
by David from Prescott, Canada

Scrappy Hunt Spencer Elliott 
by Maddy from Prescott, Canada
Julia (Butterfly) Hill
by paige

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