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Honoring Family Heroes

"There's no vocabulary for love within a family, love that's lived in but not looked at, love within the light of which All else is seen, the love within which All other love finds speech. This love is silent." - T.S. Eliot


a poem by Adry from Balikpapan:

....He is My HERO.. Because when I`m down, he raises me up..
My Hero saved me when I was child and now.
My Hero is always beside me when I need him.
Always believes that I can succeed.
My Hero never gives up..
Always works too hard.
Never says [he's] tired.
My Hero gives inspiration to me..
My Hero is a leader in my family, a guardian of my life...."

Happy mother
by Assiatou Ngom from Senegal
"Mother brings joy and security in the family.
When she is happy all the family is happy. "

Angel Aunt Cindy
by Merisah
"...She took my sisters and I in as children and gave us a home. She taught me to love, and helped me to grow as an individual in our family. She taught me to accept life as it comes, that life is what I make of it....I am forever grateful to her for helping me form into the person I am today, and for giving me a chance- when I didnt even beleive in myself. She is the reason I have a place to call home."

MY HERO Celebrates Family Heroes....

Jeni Stepanek is an ambassador for Muscular Dystrophy who continues to spread her son Mattie's message of peace.
by Claudia Herrera Hudson

Derwin and Tori gave Ian, and other kids, a chance at a better life.
by Ian from Woodland Hills

Hj. I.Rochmah was a beloved single mother who raised 13 children.
by Agustin from Bandung

Tom Theurkauf is loved, honored and remembered by his family.

Marija Intihar taught her granddaughter the importance of optimism and love
by Natasa Klancar from Slovenia

Rose Marie Thomas donated time and effort to combatting childhood catastrophic diseases.
by Joy Wolf

Ernest Jones, Sr. is admired by his granddaughter for having ''birthed a generation of leaders.''
by Lynai Barnes from New Haven, CT

Kathy Eldon inspired by her son, works for peace and tolerance.
by Wendy Jewell

Dan Eldon inspired Kathy Eldon with his art, his poetry and his life.
by Wendy Jewell

Charles Cotton encourages
his daughter to
work at her dreams.

by Charlene Cotton
from Andalusia, Alabama

Joneice proved how strong a young girl can be to her sister, Kia.
by Kia

Dolores Olmedo Patino was a Mexican businesswoman, philanthropist, and art collector.
by Claudia Herrera Hudson

My Mom, Silvia is a hero to her children because of her devotion, dedication, and kind heart.
by Salma from Tampico

Aro Bindo Erawoc is a hero to his daughter, Amani.
by Amani from Newark

David L. Kaplan is like a father to Becky Weitzman.
by Becky from Saskatoon

Elizabeth Glaser 
by Casey from Montvale

Dilfuza Egamberdiyeva cares for the Earth's soil, researching ways to produce microbes to control plant diseases.
by Wendy Jewell

Ampuh Puan Nandini is a hero to her daughter, Bella.
by BELLA VERITA from Bandung, Indonesia

Etshteyn Michael was a Russian opera singer and his granddaughter's hero.
by Yana from Woodland Hills

Erika is a hero
to her father,
Eddie Becker.

by Eddie Becker

Marie Curie discovered radioactivity as an atomic property, opening the door to 20th century science.
by Barbara Goldsmith

Clara Hale was foster mother and founder of the Hale House.
by Jessica from Mississauga, Canada

Daphna Ziman founded Children Uniting Nations.
by Wendy Jewell

Karla Diane Hurrell and her husband have fostered over 150 children.
by Sara from Joplin

David T. Kauffman is a brave soldier whose stepson, Caleb, considers a true father.
by Caleb from Pinehurst

Mrs. Princess Griggs Davies is a mother
who is greatly
admired by her son.

by Kwame from Freetown, Sierra Leone

Special Olympics Tennis: Love Regardless of the Score 
by Kathy Crockett

Fred Fraundorfer is a hero to his grandson, Cory.
by Cory from Altoona

Judith Blair donated one of her kidneys to a man in desperate need.
by the Arizona Kidney Foundation

James Scott Bryar also known as Uncle Bub is hero to Tabor.
by Tabor from Altoona

Inge Sargent is a Burmese princess devoted to human rights for all.
by Jennifer Beck

Georg Ritter von Trapp with courage and wit defended his family and country.
by Gardiner from Waitsfield

Aung San Suu Kyi has dedicated her life to freeing Burma from a repressive dictatorship and creating democracy without violence.
by Susannah Abbey

Gatha N. Hegwood was a hero to her grandchild, Rebekah
by Rebekah from Union

Anita Mummert makes a difference in the lives of children, as a foster parent.
by Kaela from Xenia

David Lissak helped teens get back into school and will be missed by his family.
by Ariel from Montreal

Jim Coplin inspires his friend, Shauna, by the way he lives his life.
by Shauna from Encino

Argelia Rivas de Prom is a champion tennis player who inspires her granddaughter.
by Cecilia from Tampico, Mexico

Matthew C. Bausch wants to build a physical therapy facility.
by Sandra Bausch

Wati Herlina Bolga Hasli, My Mother teachers her daughet to have confidence in herself and do her best.
by Fabiola from West Jakarta

Eleanor Roosevelt was a dedicated and strong voice for her husband, FDR, and for the United States.

Matthew D. Cohen rescued his brother in a peaceful way.
by Jonathan from Irvine

Florence Ngobeni is an HIV/AIDS educator and Ambassador for the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation.
by Jerrilyn Jacobs

Nkosi Johnson was an orphan infected by HIV who spoke out on behalf of children with AIDS.

Oscar R. Ortiz is a devoted family man who became a minister and now helps the poor.
by Kenneth from Sherman Oaks

Lewis E. Seeley was an inspiration to his great-nephew, for his bravery and sense of humor.
by Brendan from Wilmington

Kristie Porta is a friend and mentor to Nathaniel.
by Nathaniel from Altoona

Marija Intihar taught her granddaughter the importance of optimism and love
by Natasa Klancar from Slovenia

Gerda Klein is a Holocaust survivor who works to stamp out intolerance, hatred, and childhood hunger.

Kurt Klein brought, among others, his future wife, Gerda, and Oskar Schindler, to safety.

Matthew Renna is a magical wood carver who inspires his family.
by Melanie from Union