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Hillside Middle School
United in Inspiration

We are class 804. We attend the school of Hillside Middle School. In our school we are the class that loves to make people aware of the situations around the world. We have worked on projects such as Peace Day, Arbour Day, so on and so forth. Our class is also a part of H-CO Hillside's Care Organization. H-CO creates a lot of fundraising opportunities when disasters strike, such as the cyclone in Myanmar.

Matthew Lush 
by Kailey from Mississauga

Nasir Jones 
by Jimmy from Mississauga

Walt Disney 
by Noreen from Mississauga

Clifford Ross Flavelle 
by Lindsey from Mississauga

Kris Socha 
by Peter from Mississauga

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt 
by Christine from Mississauga

Craig Kielburger 
by Gavin from Mississauga

Michael Jackson 
by Rebecca from Mississauga

Mahatma Gandhi 
by Disha from Mississauga

Elizabeth Blackwell 
by Brianna from Mississauga

Chris Bosh 
by Ashhad from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Muhammad Ali ( formerly known as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.) 
by Nabeel from Mississauga

Terrance Stanley Fox 
by Russell from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Tyra Banks 
by Julie from Mississauga

Hoang V. Vu never gives up; he knows there is always hope and teaches his daughter that 'Every little thing helps!'
by Jessica from Mississauga

Andrew Christopher Gower 
by Mehmet from Mississauga

Sir Francis Drake 
by Alex from Mississauga
Charlene Houshmand
by Alex

Nelson Mandela 
by Kelvin from Mississauga

Theodor Seuss Geisel 
by Beverley from Mississauga

William H. Gates III 
by Gregory from Mississauga
by chris

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