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by Tyler from Riley

John Deere

Just think how it would be without the farm equipment that we have today. It used to be just a plow and oxen where you just produced enough to get you and your family by. Then if you had more you would take it to town and sell it. Now farmers produce enough produce to feed 128 people plus you. So there was one man that revolutionized farming. That man is John Deere. John Deere is a hero because of who he was, what he did, and why he is a hero.

John Deere is who he was because of his upbringing. John Deere was born February 7, 1804. He was a man who loved his family and what he did. He was an apprentice blacksmith. Then owned his own shop. He also was the president of the National Bank of Moline, he decreed the public library, and served as the city's mayor. Aside from being a blacksmith he was a businessman.

John Deere is a hero for what he did. When people started to move west to the prairie, the cast iron plow did not work well in the sticky rich prairie soil. It was designed for the sandy soil. So John Deere came up with a solution. He took an old broken sawmill blade and conformed it to the cast iron plow. He then polished the blade to make it smooth. He went to try it out and it worked perfectly, which started the agricultural revolution.

A lot of people may ask why he is a hero. Well, think of life was like it was in 1820. No engines, just manpower. Now we can go to the store and pick up a loaf of bread for three bucks. That would not be possible without the big machinery. We have now. And it all started with John Deere who had a hunch. So now every time you eat food you will think of John Deere.

So John Deere is more than just a man, he is a hero. Without his ideas he had we would not be able to live like we do today. That is why John Deere is a hero because of who he was, what he did, and why he is a hero. So when you think of where or how your food was grown, you might just think of John Deere

Written by Tyler from Riley
Last changed on: 10/3/2012

John Deere History Youtube

John Deere History Youtube

John Deere's Plow

The man John Deere
was a businessman
was a blacksmith with an idea
He never settled with just enough
That is John Deere
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