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LT Ball Intermediate School, Tipp City, Ohio
Mrs. Arnett's 5th Grade Class

Hello from Mrs. Arnett's 5th grade class. We have enjoyed working on this My Hero Project. We came to realize that a hero can be anyone that helps others to be the best they can be. We had the chance to participate in the Elluminate webcast. It was amazing. We hope you enjoy reading about the heroes that inspire us.

David Gregory Banas 
by Alex from Tipp City

Jade Smith 
by Devin from Tipp City

Criss Angel 
by Matt from Tipp City

by Cassie from Tipp City

David Agins 
by Bethany from Tipp City

Deanne Michelle Moore 
by Brent from Tipp City

Donna Layman 
by Emily from Tipp City

James Delmar Ward 
by Kira from Tipp City

John F. Shroyer 
by Kristen from Tipp City

Mandi Sue Nicolai 
by Haley from Tipp City

Marje Fischer 
by Joey from Tipp City

Richard Wyant 
by Matthew from Tipp City

Yukie Fukada 
by Kaede from Tipp City

Harriet Tubman 
by Zach from Tipp City

Ronald Reagan 
by Carrie from Tipp City

Gilbert Jay Arenas Jr.  
by Ryan from Tipp City, Ohio

Ladanian Tomlinson 
by Evan from Tipp City, Ohio

Shannon Arnett impacts her students with her love and excitement for learning.
by Alex from Tipp City

Aaron Fechter 
by Gunnar from Tipp

LeBron James 
by Zane from Tipp City
Carol Sue Moore
by Brianna

Susan Ann Hamilton 
by Logan from Tipp City

Last Changed: 6/4/2008

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