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by Jolie from San Diego

(http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/11/lauren-hill-plays- ())

" 'Life is precious,' she told WKRC-TV. 'Every moment you get with someone is a moment that's blessed, really blessed,' " (Joe Kay). Lauren Hill taught many to live in the moment, and never take it for granted. She felt a person should treasure the memories they have with the people they love, and do something they enjoyed in life. She was a 19 year old teenager who graduated from high school in Lawrenceburg, Indiana a small town near Cincinnati. She was diagnosed with brain cancer after her 18th birthday. Hill had a rare but aggressive type of brain cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. This cancer affects many of the body's most vital functions and affects primarily children. She pulled through though wanting to play basketball and getting into the basketball program at Mount St. Joseph. Each day after she was diagnosed it was getting harder to play and this made her realize she wanted to start raising awareness. Her story inspired many, and her first basketball game she played with her college team was sold out. She raised awareness for cancer and played basketball until she was physically unable to. Sadly, Hill's battle came to an end when she passed away on April 10th, 2015. A hero is a person who can stay strong no matter what, who can be positive about everything, and who can make a difference in the world. Lauren Hill proved to be a hero. She was a brave, determined, and an influential teenager who was fighting a battle against cancer.

Lauren Hill showed bravery in many forms. During her game at Mount St. Joseph, she started shooting with her non dominate hand because her other arm was hurting. She explained how she was doing fine. "I knew that when I was diagnosed with this, it's a challenge. It's a really big challenge," she says. "But I decided to face it,"(Sam Sanders). This shows how brave Hill was to realize that having cancer was going to be a huge obstacle but instead of letting her guard down she fought against it. Her bravery is so strong even when she was hurting she still wanted to play in the game. Furthermore, Hill explained how she felt about getting cancer at 18. She explains how it's not easy but she was glad that her type of cancer was being researched. " 'When I was diagnosed I remember kind of feeling lonely because nobody understood. And now that more people know about this story and the awareness of DIPG. I'm so happy that people know about it now and that we can get some research going and hopefully find that home run cure for cancer,' Lauren said,"(Shannon Russell). She was brave enough to pull through her sadness and decided instead to make awareness of DIPG. This made her stronger, knowing that people now know about this disease, and can start doing research on it. Now that more people understand her story more, she's hoping one day there will be a cure for everyone. It was very brave of Hill to raise awareness for cancer, and to notice how even though she is sick she can still make a huge difference in the world. Lastly, Hill explained how you have to live in the moment because you never know what's going to happen tomorrow. "I'm spreading awareness and also teaching people how to live in the moment because the next moment isn't promised," Hill told the AP after one of her team's 6 a.m. practices. "Anything can happen at any given moment. What matters is right now," (Joe Kay). This shows how she's happy she can make a difference for cancer and teaching people along the way to live. She's brave enough to ignore the negative of the situation and find the positive. Be brave, find the positive in every situation, and live your life to the fullest.

(http://www.cincinnati.com/story/blogs/2015/03/04/l ())
Determination allowed Lauren Hill to never give up on her dreams and goals. Hill's cancer soon started affecting her right side while playing basketball for Mount St. Joseph game, but she concentrated on playing. "By the time the game came around on Nov. 2, the tumor had affected Ms. Hill's right side so much that she had to shoot with her non dominant hand. With former Tennessee women's coach Pat Summitt and several W.N.B.A. players on hand, Ms. Hill took a pass and made a left-handed layup only 17 seconds into the game. She also made the last basket of the game," ( Joe Kay). Hill, even though in pain, still tried her hardest to play in the game. She shot with her non dominant hand, showing her commitment to playing. She was passionate about playing and how much she wanted to contribute to her team. Basketball was something she loved doing and nothing was going to stop her from doing what she loved. In addition, Hill faced the facts that she probably would not be around to see how her awareness was prospering. She wanted to start this so in the future there would be a cure for cancer. "And even though I'm probably not going to be around to see it, it's going to help a lot of people. And that's why we need to keep staying with this and not end it with this game, and keep supporting research," Hill said. (Shannon Russell). Raising awareness for cancer was another one of Lauren Hill's goals. She was determined, even when she knew she wouldn't be around long enough to benefit from the outcome. To see people start trying to find a cure was enough for her to know she had reached her goals and dreams. On the court and in people's hearts, Hill never gave up what she started. She continued to play basketball until she couldn't play anymore and even made a big difference in finding a cure one day.

(http://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/2014/11/01/ ())
Hill was an influential person to others, varying from her teammates to the whole world. She was passionate about basketball and wanted to help her team in anyway possible. She gave them life lessons and inspired them to always do a 100 percent effort. Her coach mentioned how she made a huge impact on the team. "And here instead of me teaching them, it was Lauren teaching them. She's made a great impact on these young ladies. I think they're going to remember this life lesson forever and hopefully they carry it out and help her carry the mission in their own lives," (Shannon Russell). Hill's coach, Benjamin, said how significant Lauren was to the team. She gave them life lessons and advice. This helped them become more mature, and prepared for their future. She inspired them and was a great leader. Hill's story was very touching to people, making them all want to see Lauren Hill up close. Her story influenced people to attend her first college basketball college game for Mt. Saint Joseph. "Lauren Hill raised more than $1 million to fight pediatric cancer after the story spread of her drive to play one game for the Mount Saint Joseph's women's basketball team. The game, which the NCAA allowed to be moved before the regulation start date to ensure Lauren could participate, was sold out," (Nina Mandell). When Hill's story soon got popular people were so inspired with her they wanted to be able to come to her first game. This raised 1 million dollars for cancer. Hill was happy that so many people were moved by her story, so she might help find a cure. In addition to fundraising, Hill started a challenge called #Layup4Lauren. This influenced everyone worldwide to hop on the wagon, doing the fun challenge. "Hill was determined to raise money for cancer research, hoping that others might have a better chance at beating the disease in the future. Her Layup4Lauren challenge and other fundraising activities brought in donations worldwide,"(Joe Kay). For Lauren Hill's challenge, you spin three times to get the dizziness of her sickness, and then shot a layup with your non dominant hand, just like she had to do in her first college game. Her challenge spread worldwide and even influenced huge NBA star, Lebron James to do it. Her story touched people's hearts and imprinted on them to do their best. She showed how everyone can make a difference in the world one step at a time.

Lauren Hill showed us her main character traits as courageous, relentless on her goals, and encouraging to others. She allowed us to see how strong she was throughout her journey, and how well she kept a smile on for everyone. By playing basketball until she physically could not do it anymore shows how she never gave up. Along with basketball, showing how she really wanted to get everyone to raise funds and awareness for cancer also indicates how determined she was. Lastly, being there for people in need and helping them just makes everyone want to be just like her one day. Lauren Hill and I have something in common and that's basketball. She inspires me to work harder on the court but also off it. She makes me believe to live in the moment because you never know what's going to happen in the future. Don't take anything for granted and do something that makes you happy in life.

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Written by Jolie from San Diego
Last changed on: 2/18/2016

Lauren Hill dies at 19 after battle with brain cancer

Facing death, Lauren Hill teaches us life lessons

College Basketball Player Lauren Hill Dies of Brain Cancer

Lauren Hill dies at 19 after battle with brain cancer

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