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iEARN---Learning Circle---CCM1 - 2004-2005


THE SCHOOLERS - Joseph, Brann, Dylan, Rachel, Slater, Sahara, Maia and Gaelan.

The "Schoolers" are an eclectic group of homeschooled children, ranging in age from 9 - 13. They live in small towns and in the country outside of Toronto, Canada. We all learn in our individual homes in our own ways of schooling and unschooling. Some use curriculum and others are led by what their child wants to learn. Every second thursday, our group meets in a One Room School House atmosphere along with 13 other kids and siblings, age 2 - 13 and parents of same. This year we are focusing on the 4 Elements: Air, Earth, Water and Fire. We are learning how to walk on the planet more lightly. Each parent participates in teaching and we do this through theatre, storytelling, art, music, movement and language. The Learning Circle was a very fun way of sharing our experiences, cultures and lives with kids from other countries. Our first assignment was The My Hero Project, an exercise in which each member of this diverse group challenged themselves to answer the simple question: "Who is my hero?" We hope our stories encourage you to do the same.

George Lucas 
by Joseph from Lakefield

Judy Feld Carr secretly helped thousands of Jews escape from Syria.
by Sahara from Canada

Rosa Louise Parks 
by Rachel

Severn Cullis-Suzuki an environmental activist, speaker, television host.
by Maia from Canada

by Slater

Ernest McCreight 
by Gaelan from Millbrook

Robin Hood 
by Brann from Canada

Alex Mathias 
by Dylan from Peterborough

Last Changed: 1/20/2005

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