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OS Trnovo Primary School - Slovenia
Year 5

This is a very creative and motivated class. They have gained a lot through this project. They have started thinking globally, comparing cultures and habits, they have really tried hard to express themselves in English,since they have been learning it for the second year only. They have also expressed themselves as young artists by illustrating a story about a hero. They have improved their computer skills through the project, they have learnt to use word and surf on the net which has been a highly motivating part of the project.Sharing factual information has triggered their natural curiosity. We have all enjoyed participating in the MY HERO Project Learning Circle.

by Sara
Alenka and Franek
by Neza
Ana Benkovič
by eva
Davor Duh
by Katja
Jozica Robida
by aljaz
by ula
Ladislav Raic
by Dominik
by Matej
Marjeta Krecic
by ema
Miran Peric
by jerca
by Ziga
Samo Rep
by Samo
Tanja Skitek
by Lea
Tomaz Kosmac
by Jakob
Zan Jez
by Zala
Ziga Vrevc Zlajpah
by Jaka
by Emran
by Jaka
by Zik

Last Changed: 1/7/2009

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