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Andrew Bigg's Class
My Hero Learning Circle 2008

This is a group of grade nine Integrated Arts students from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Akira Toriyama 
by Jack from Peterborough

Albert Arnold (Al) Gore 
by Alley from Peterborough

Bryon Carter Andrew 
by Valerie from Peterborough

Christian Bryan Alexander Harvey visits schools to talk about social justice and how to stop bullying.
by Elsbeth from Norwood

Criss Angel 
by Aaron from Peterborough
Deanna Brown
by Erica

Gord E. Millage 
by Sarah M. from Peterborough

by Alex from Peterborough

James M. Barrie 
by Michelle from Peterborough

Jarome Iginla 
by Richard from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Katherine Von Drachenberg 
by Larissa from Peterborough

Linda Kash 
by Janelle from Warsaw

Marc Kielburger is a human rights activist who has dedicated his life to helping others.
by Ceilidh from Peterborough

Medecins Sans Frontieres won the Nobel Peace Prize for working under fire to save lives.
by Josh from Millbrook

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela 
by Ben from Peterborough

Robert Chau 
by Sarah from Peterborough

Romeo Alain Dallaire is a celebrated humanitarian for his work during the Rwandan genocide.
by Steph L. from Peterborough

Rosemary MacAdam is a young activist determined to fight the oppression of women in sweatshops.
by Lindy from Peterborough

Stephen King 
by Amy from Peterborough

The Unknown Rebel 
by Garrett from Canada

Elizabeth Bierk  
by Claire Foran from Peterborough


Together We Can Unlock Peace
by Integrated Grade Nine Arts Class - PCVS - Canada

Last Changed: 1/24/2008

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