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“The creative process is like music which takes root with extraordinary force and rapidity”

by Yelda from Lawndale

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky by Nikolai Kuznetsov

Music is not illusion, but revelation.” These are the words that used to be said by one of the world’s greatest Russian composers of all time. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s music has always had a special appeal, for its ardor, lyricalness and rapturous orchestral color. Tchaikovsky is very well brilliant with all the music he has written throughout his lifetime. He has shown other composers that there is not a limit to creativity. Tchaikovsky is honestly a gift that everyone has enjoyed for centuries. With his music, we can understand how a wide range of genres can be brought to the stage. He has taught us and showed us that anything is possible if we sets our minds to it.

Furthermore, Mr. Tchaikovsky has composed some of the most incredible masterpieces of all times. Some of his spectacular masterpieces include: symphonies 1-6, the ballet Swan Lake (1877), The Nutcracker (1891-2), The Sleeping Beauty (1889), and Eugene Onegin(1879). Before Pyotr rose to fame and glory, he was a harmony teacher at the Moscow conservatory. He had graduated at the music conservatory in St. Petersburg in 1866 before working at the Moscow conservatory. In the same year, he performed an overture that was successful, which encouraged him to start working on a symphony called Winter Daydreams. From there, Tchaikovsky slowly and steadily began to write more compositions, and started emerging to the top.

Moreover, when Tchaikovsky was alive, he lived in Russia for mostly all his life and part of his life in Switzerland. He often traveled to perform for other countries in Europe and states in the U.S. including Boston, Massachusetts. He was always going back and forth but his home was always Russia no matter what. He was usually the one who would be invited to perform for theaters including: the Moscow Theater in Russia and other theaters throughout Europe. It was his pleasure to perform for huge audiences because he loved what he did did and it was his job to please the audience. Tchaikovsky was really a busy man but never really let that affect who he was. He was always a kind and genial man that everybody liked to be around because of the warmth he brought and out-going attitude that he had.

In addition, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was born in Vokinsk, a small town in Russia, on May 7, 1841. Pyotr was son of a mining engineer, Illya Petrovich Tchaikovsky and son of a partial French woman named Alexandra Andreyerna Nee d'Assier. He was the second eldest of the four brothers and one sister that he had and loved. Eventually, on June 25, 1854, Tchaikovsky's mother died from cholera which he grieved greatly because he was so much closer to her than anybody else he knew. He actually never recovered from the death of his mother. Anyways, Tchaikovsky moved on with his life and went on to accomplish great things in his life. Things so great in fact that he leaves an unforgettable legacy of wonderful music despite his hardships. He will always be a hero.

In Conclusion, Tchaikovsky is just an idol to me and the other musicians around the world who love him because he has taught us that anything is possible, even with hardships in our lives. We just have to learn how to live with them sometimes. The genius has also taught me that you can express your feelings and emotions through music, which has helped me in my everyday life. For example, if I am feeling down or just not so great, I go to the piano in my living room and play away whatever comes to me. After I’m done playing the piano and expressing my feelings I feel so much better inside and I go on with my day in a better mood than before. Tchaikovsky has overall been a good example for me and for that, he will always be in my heart.

Written by Yelda from Lawndale
Last changed on: 11/14/2009

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