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Slonim gymnasia 1
Grades 4 and 5

Slonim gymnasia 1 is located in the town of Slonim which is small but very beautiful. Two teachers Irina Volynets and Ludmila Kurdun were facilitators of the My Hero project in the gymnasia. The students of 4A, 4B and 5A, 5B grades participated in it.

We got interested in the My Hero project. We are greatly impressed by the stories presented on the site. The project makes us think about people who can be heroes, understand ourselves better, helps us improve our characters. We have got a profound knowledge of the history of our Motherland and have learnt about famous people of our country which seems to be unknown to many people abroad. It was a rewarding experience. The project have helped us realise that all of us can be real personalities and can be considered heroes. If any of us can change their life a little, our world will become nicer.

Artem Tsvikevich 
by Maxim from Slonim, Belarus

Dmitriy Panchenko 
by Vlad from Slonim, Belarus

Efrosinya Polotskaya 
by Helen from Slonim, Belarus

Frantsysk Skoryna 
by Irina from Slonim, Belarus

Ivan Tikhon 
by Katya, Dmitriy and Anya from Slonim, Belarus

Kirill Turovsky 
by Kirill from Slonim, Belarus

Lev Sapega was the editor and publisher of the first constitution in Europe.
by Valeriya from Slonim, Belarus
by Yuliya

My dog Fil 
by Zhenya from Slonim, Belarus
Nataliya Zakharchuk
by Ulyana

by Ilya from Slonim, Belarus

Yulia Raskina 
by Zhenya from Slonim, Belarus

Last Changed: 6/11/2009

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