My mom is my hero. She is very sincere. She doesn't pretend to be someone she's not. ...My mom worked three jobs to support us when she got divorced. She had me and raised me to be a good child, and that's a pretty good accomplishment...

One thing that my mom always taught me was "practice makes perfect." I thought that was just a saying, but now it makes a lot of sense. She taught me how to "roll with the change."

Danielle is one of the bravest heroes. She is not famous and never will be but to the people who know her she is a wonderful, strong, and brave woman...She over came all of the obstacles life had thrown at her, she never let them get her down.

Now-a-days a hero is some one who makes a ton of money or some one who is famous, or even some one who has done something outrageous to help many people. Danielle has done none of those things. She is a silent hero...

My hero is my mother... I have known my mother my whole life and she has been there for me through everything. A hero does not necessarily have to be a super hero who fights crime and laughs in the face of danger. To me, my mother is a super hero because of what she has done in her life and what she has accomplished.

Everyone has a special person in their life. For some, it's a teacher. Others might choose a rock star, but my hero, my special person is my mom... My mom is a strong person. ..She also raised two kids on her own. This amazing woman is now putting my sister through college and is also working a second job to support us. ...My mom taught my sister and I that education is everything. She did this by going back to college for five years. She needed a degree to get a better job so she could better meet our needs....My mother is also special because she loves and cares a lot about me. My mother empowers me to do the best I can and achieve my goals. My mom is truly special to me and I wouldn't trade her for the world. So what I'm trying to say is that I really love my mom.

by Andrew from Newmarket

My mom is my hero because she has strength,faith,courage. She is caring and loving even though she has cancer.My mom is caring because she gives me help when I need it and advice when need it.She has strength because she has to put up with me and my dad.She has faith because she wont give up on herself.

Raja Weksler
illustrated by Doug Hill
more illustrations see story

Pamela Joyce Burns

Now I know that she is not perfect. ANd I know how much moms can embarass you. And my mom does. But have you ever thought who your mom is really is? You know your mom will die some day and we don't want that to happen. So spend some time with your mom, get to know them if you do that you will find out that they are pretty cool. That they still have a wild, fun crazy teen age side. Also remember that you too will become a mother or father some day. So give them a chance. They can be pretty cool.

by Angela from Florissant

My mom is my hero because she was always there for me when I was in any danger, and when I needed help. She was a great role model for mothers. She helped me with my schoolwork, how to deal with enemies, and how to not be lazy around the house.

LaNan Pitts

I love my mother so much and I don't know what I would do without her. And I would like to thank her for everything that she has done for me and also what all she has in store for me in life.
Juannee D. Miller

Juannee D. Miller is the most inspiring women I know. She inspired me to shoot for the stars. She always told me to treat a lady with respect and good fortunes will return in greatness. Although, she has treated very poorly in her lifetime she overcame the odds. She just says another case of bad luck.

I picked my mom because she been through a lot and still has a smile on her face. She also has a brocken arm, because when we were roller blading she fell right in our driveway. Thats why I picked my mom because she is so strong

She was able to go through 2 surgurys on her arm. She has also gotten a better job at Western Bank. She also does alot of things around the house and helps my dad, brother, and me.

My Mom has inspired me to have good grades in school so that I can have a good job when I grow up. Also to take school seriously. She influenced me to do good at whatever I do.

Story by Mitch Dressel

My Grandmother, Anna Amelia Amundson, left Norway in 1904 for a land called Canada. She had made arrangements to go to Golden, British Columbia and cook for a friend of hers who ran a boarding house. She came across the Atlantic Ocean all by herself. It was sad to leave her friends in Norway but she had the spirit of adventure in her heart. Her friends in Norway gave her an autograph book inscribed with wishes for a wonderful life in her new land of Canada.

Within a year of arriving in Golden, B.C. Anna had met Alver Ottoson and they were married. She left the town of Golden and moved to a little homestead 3 miles from town. Anna spent the rest of her life farming and raising four more children: Olga, Annie, Lester and Arvid. She was a faithful mom and wife.

Story by Brenda Dyck

Kathy TumaMy Hero is My Mom, Kathy. She's a great person. Even thought we've had our bad times I still look up to her. She's the best Mom I could ever wish for. She's practically my best friend. We do a lot of things together like going shopping, going to the movies, etc.

My Mom is a very unique person. She always knows what to say in the worst of times. She makes you feel proud of yourself and successful of what your doing with your life at the moment. I don't know what I would do with out her. My life would be a disaster without her, she does everything for me.

Story by Krystle Tuma

lynn k. robertsShe is the 12-hour driver, has a funny personality, and helps with all my homework. She is my hero.

Last week she sold all her artwork at a fair in 2 days. She is able to get from Lower Milford Elementary to Upper Saucon Park in 5 minutes.

She influenced my life by being there when I need her most. She also will punish me when I deserve it (and I deserve it). On top of that she even manages to work on projects with her kids. We all get good grades.

She will stay up half the night to watch a special event with me. She always has and always will have caring heart. She will always love and care for me and my sister even when we don't listen to her. She loves and helps all. She is my Mom.

Story by Joe Roberts

Before I had to pick who my hero was, I thought of things that I believed a hero should have: kindness, a good personality, goals, a good attitude, and strength. My mother has all of these qualities and much more. My mother is a super hero because of what she has done in her life and what she has accomplished.

The first quality I said a hero has to have is kindness. My mother has shown me more kindness than I could have ever asked for. She has always been there for me and always puts others before her. My mother was born in Germany on October 4th. She now lives in Stockton, NJ and enjoys reading. My mother works full time for a pharmaceutical company. She has a husband, two kids, and a dog. Even with all of these responsibilities, she always manages to keep going with a smile on her face and she is always there if you need a hand.

The second quality is to have a good personality. I look up to my mother because of her amazing personality. She has a great sense of humor, she's easy to talk to, and she is always there to listen.

A hero must have goals. Goals keep you going in life. Without them, there is nothing to look forward to. My mother has many goals. She may not reach them all, but everyday she is accomplishing more and more. My mother told me that when she was young, her goal was to marry and have kids who love her. I'm sure she knows this, but she has accomplished this goal far beyond what she had hoped for.

The next quality that I belive a hero should have is a good attitude. A good attitude can get you so far in life. You can accomplish anything with a good attitude. My mother can come home from the worst day at work and still have a good attitude. She will never take her anger out on anyone and always has a positive outlook on things. I admire my mother for this and she has taught me that staying positive will get you far in life.

The next quality that I believe a hero should have is strength. Not physical but mental. To be mentally stong will help you to get through everyday situations. My mother is the smartest person I know. She knows how to handle situations and always says the right thing at the right time.

I love my mother very much. She is, and always will be, my hero.

Story by Laurie Krautwald

My mom's full name is Rosemary Slayton Smith. Her birthday is on September the 16, which happens to be two days before my dog's birthday. My mom takes me to a lot of places. We have been to Florida together seventeen or eighteen times. After awhile you lose count.

My mom has two sisters and a brother, a half-brother, and a half-sister. She also has a three sister-in-law, and two brothers-in-law. We both like to visit our family.

My mom is a really great person and I love her very much, even though she makes me mad a lot. I appreciate her very much, because she does so much for me.

Story by Shayla Slayton

Mitzi Stevens is my Grandma. She is my hero because even during sickness she could stay strong. She always cared about everyone and was never mean (unless you did something really wrong then maybe you'd get "the look" or get yelled at)

She would make it so we would never be afraid and always lived life to the fullest. During thunderstorms, she would say that thunder was just the angels bowling. When my grandma was young, she got scarlet fever and other diseases. She spent most of her childhood in her room because of sickness. She was not often, if ever, allowed to go out and play with the other kids. That disease weakened her heart and about four years ago she finally went to the doctor for it. They decided she needed open heart surgery. It went well and it seemed as if she was getting better. I went in to see her. She looked well and was even talking. The next day, I found out she had died.

On the night my grandma died, it was thunderstorming. When the nurse came in to tell everyone she was gone, my uncle claimed he saw a light circle around the room and disappear over my dad's head. No one saw it but the two that were married into the family. This may be because she wanted to show them they were part of the family. Another incident happened later, when that same uncle and my aunt were up at my grandma's cabin after she had died. They said they heard footsteps go up the deck, stop and look in the window, and then leave. These are freaky stories but I believe they are true.

Every night I say a prayer and I talk to my grandma. Sometimes I ask her things and the next day they really do come true. It's very painful for me to talk to her. Even when we drive by her house I start crying. She also taught me to never be afraid, and as I think I said before, to stay strong always.

My grandma was a very sweet and caring person. She always knew the right thing to say and when to say it. She would stand up for us kids. One time, my cousin snuck into the neighbors yard and stole a tomato. He was only really little and the person who lived there came outside, grabbed his shirt, and dragged him back over to my grandma's house. He walked inside and started telling them how they should raise their kids. My grandma got mad at him and told him off! I thought it was pretty funny.

I always loved going to my grandma's; we would sit and watch Shirley Temple movies (she had almost all of them) and other old movies too. She had a lot of movies. My grandma also made the best spaghetti. I only eat it with butter and the spaghetti was always soft enough and not sticky and the butter was soft. She would always have a bag of Baby Ruths for my dad and if anyone else tried to take one they'd be in big trouble. She would also always have cookies in the cookie jar. Downstairs at my grandma's was fun. It was just a basement but it had a bar that we would play in. We'd take turns being the bartender and there was always play money we could use. If you got hurt, you could bet she'd calm you down. Not too long before she died she got a new car which she loved. One time when we missed the bus and she had her old car, she got us in the car and we chased the bus down and pulled him over so he'd let us on. All in all, my grandma was a wonderful person and that is why she is my hero!

Story by Kaitlyn

Picture of a motherThe hero in my life is my mum because once I broke my arm and she came to the rescue. I was rushed to the hospital by my hero, where she calmed me down so I could go to sleep.

All this was happening at 3:30 in the morning. My family was beside me worrying about me.

I woke up later on that morning and I could hardly move my body. After doing some exercises I went home to rest. At home my mum tucked me into bed.

Story by Mark Philip

My mother's full name is Joyce Dorthy Lykes. She was originally born in Rahway, New Jersey on October 7th. She grew up in Colonia, New Jersey. When she got married, she moved to Piscataway. Then when she decided to start a family, my mom and dad moved into the country. Now she is living in Readington, New Jersey.

My mom used to be a health and physical education teacher in North Brunswick, then after my sister was born, she made the decision to stay home and raise a family. She got her degree from Kean College, and her masters degree from Trenton State college, now known as The College of New Jersey. While in college she played tennis and volleyball at varsity level. She enjoys playing basketball, lacrosse, syncronized swimming, judo, canoeing, rock climbing, softball, backpacking/camping, skiing, ice-skating, and folkdancing.

No matter what, my mom is there for me. Even though I think she may be over-protective sometimes, she is doing it out of love and she is worried about me. My mom does a lot of volunteer work, and she always helps anyone out, even if she doesn't have time or she doesn't like the person, she will help them. She is a girl scout leader, she works on crafts for Hollytrail, she helps out at the middle school, she is the leader of our youth group, she teaches at our church, and she even volunteered to be the president of this project that a museum is doing. It's a lot of work, and to add on to that, she drives all three of her children around everywhere.

Last year, there was an old woman who lived in our neighborhood. She used to walk up and down our road all alone. Well, my dog saw her one day, and the lady got scared so she started to back up. She lost her balance and fell on the concrete. My mom saw what happened, and ran out to help her. She used her own shirt to keep the womans' head from bleeding so much, then when the bleeding wasn't as severe, she drove the lady to the Emergency Room, and stayed there 7 hours with the woman to make sure she was alright. Then she drove her home. This wasn't the first time she helped a neighbor or friend out. Just recently, my mom was house sitting for our neighbors, and their 2 dogs got in a fight, and the big dog bit the little one. There was a huge gash in the side of the animal, and my mom called my dad. She held the dog in her lap in the car with a blanket full of blood, and they drove to 2 animal hospitals very far away. They went to two hospitals, becasue the first place didn't have anyone who could help the dog. She took care of the animal as if it were her own. She has also driven other people who live on my street, to the emergency department, or has taken care of neighbors when something tragic happened.

My mom isn't just a hero to me. She helps many people and does so much good in the neighborhood, that I believe a lot of people look up to her. She is always thinking of others before herself. She loves me, I love her, and I look up to her, and that makes her my hero.

Story by Leslie Lykes

A hero is someone who is idealized or held in esteem for superior qualities or deeds of any kind. My hero is my mother. She is bold, caring, and devoted. I believe that she possesses the qualities of a true hero.

First, my mother is extremely bold. She has experienced many difficult obstacles and decisions in her life but has faced each one with integrity and courageousness. For instance, her first husband died in a fatal car accident leaving her on her own with three young children. Although the loss of her husband was very painful, she still managed to keep up her home and successfully raise her kids. My mother eventually remarried and had two more natural children and adopted one. The decision to adopt my younger sister was very difficult for both my mother and father. My mother knew that adding another child to our large family would be extra work, even more so because my adopted sister has a learning disability. Although adopting my sister has made my motherís life more challenging and difficult, I believe that she made a very bold decision and my whole family is very thankful to her today.

Second, my mother is a very devoted person. She is devoted to her family, her husband, to God, and to herself. She has unselfishly created a wonderful life for her six children and, together with my father, has provided a home filled with love and safety. She devotes all her time to others, and always puts herself last.

Third, my mother is very caring. She is greatly kind and considerate to others. My mother is always there for her family and friends. She often helps at local soup kitchens and at church events, and is always looking for a way to help. She is a teacher for New Directions, a program designed to discourage children from drugs and alcohol. She visits her sick father in the nursing home every day, and believes strongly in spending time with the family. My mother has also raised six children with the most loving care anyone could ever give.

I believe that a hero is someone who possesses superior qualities. My mother is bold, devoted, and caring. She will always be considered a hero in my eyes.

Story by Julie Bombard

My role model is my mom Donna Silver. She is really smart and never ever gives up trying to do something. My mom is very understanding because when there is a problem she talks to me and helps to make everything better. My mom also helps me out a lot by helping me with my homework.

I got really mad at my mom and my dad when they got divorced but they both helped me through it and made the switching back and forth very easy!

Donna was born March 18, 1952. She married my dad (Richard Adelman) in 1978. Richard and Donna got divorced January 3, 1992. They had my older sister August 17, 1981. She is now 13 and is turning 14 this year. I was born three years later on May 25,1984.

Donna remarried George Savage in the summer of 1992. George had two daughters named Kelly (now 21) and Anna (now 16). I get along with them great.

One of the many lessons that my mom taught me was never to give up and to keep trying no matter what.

To me the definition of a role model is someone who is nice to you and cares about you. Also a role model is someone who takes care of you and loves you.

Story by Jessica Adelman

My hero is a hero because she cares for everybody else and not just herself. Usually during a birthday party she gets presents for everyone there. She has been almost everywhere in the world.

My grandma is a really important person in my life because she was in the hospital room when I was born. She had some tragic times in her life. When she was five years old, her big brother died in a logging accident and also her father died when she was seven.

My Grandma is a real big hero to me.

Story by Sienna Phelps

My mom is the most courageous, strong, loving, caring, beautiful, woman in the world. I don't think that even a thesaurus has enough synonyms to describe her.

My mother is my hero because she puts her childrens wants and needs before her own. She also makes life with parents fun. I think that in the last few years I have stopped looking at my mother as an authority figure. I now look at her as a best friend.

My mom has gone through a lot, and through it all she has managed to keep food on the table and keep a roof over our heads. She has also made sure that her two kids have had everything that they wanted.

Although my mom has done a great deal to "spoil" my sister and me, she has also made sure that we have a great sense of responsibility. Along with having our horses, we had to clean the barn and take care of them. When we wanted our first cars, she co-signed our loans and paid the down payment, but the monthly payment was still ours.

But, when we needed a friend or help, that always came free. Her personality gives us our strength and our sense of humor. In my eyes, I am just like my mom. I can only hope that one day my children will respect me and have the relationship with me that I have with my mom.

Story by Shelly Berube

My hero is my mom. She never actually saved my life...but she has loved me ever since I was a baby.

My mom is usually home so she can listen to my problems. She doesn't laugh at me unless it is meant to be laughed at. She sent me to a very good school with good teachers. She gave me a good home...and takes me places where I wouldn't usually go if I didn't have such a great mom.

She is very funny but she is also very strict. She helps me a lot and there couldn't be a better mom. She loves me and she always will.

Story by Julia Parnell



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