"We can learn and teach our children--as my mother did--how to cherish our individual and collective integrality, even in the face of brutality" -- Ruth Simmons, President of Brown University

"My hero is not a movie star... but she's far more of a hero to me than anyone else could be." Gerda Klein is a mother, author, Oscar winner and holocaust survivor. With his mother's love and guidance, and his own hard work, Dr. Carson went from the bottom of the class to the top. Daphna Ziman, founder of Children Uniting Nations
Elizabeth Glaser created the Pediatric AIDS Foundation Ruth Simmons, President of Brown University Raja Weksler helped her daughter survive a concentration camp Visit the My Hero Mother's Day Guestbook

When Halle Berry accepted her Oscar for best actress, she thanked her mother. Most people do. While there are many people along the way who shape, influence, help and guide us, for most people, Mom and Dad are the most important. So, on Mother's Day, it's natural to focus on our own mothers who feed us, make us do our homework and love us in spite of our flaws.

Halle also thanked her mothers in spirit and aspiration: Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne and Diahann Carroll. These are the mothers we choose. They may not have been perfect mothers themselves or they may not been mothers at all. They are the people we admire, who influence us and make us better people. For Hillary Clinton, it might be Eleanor Roosevelt. For someone else it might be Wilma Rudolph. For you, it might be teacher or coach.  On Mother's Day, it is nice to honor the mothers we choose as well as the ones that fate supplies us.

Lately we've discovered heroism in people we don't even know. The events of September 11th are still fresh in our minds, along with the tragic conflict in the Middle East. But in the midst of crisis, there are mothers who bring strength to their families, communities and strangers around the world. They reassure us, they stand up for what they believe in and inspire us in large and small ways.

"I don't want our children and grandchildren to live in a world where a potato is more valuable than an Oscar, but I don't want them to be in a world where an Oscar is so important, forgive me, that one forgets that so many still don't have a potato." - Gerda Klein, Oscar winner and holocaust survivor.


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On Mother's Day, honor your mentors, appreciate your friends and neighbors and above all remember all the wonderful and tough decisions your mother made on your behalf. What we can hope for most is the strength of motherly connections to people around the world to come together and make the world a better place for all children. We are one family this Mother's Day.


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