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Comprehensive Municipal School #23 - Svetlana Khodko - Teacher
Our Grade 6 Hero Stories from Russia - My Hero Learning Circles 2012 - MHM1
My students have been participating in the My Hero Project since 2009. It is very popular among them. It connects us with far away countries and their cultures. It helps Russian students learn and understand the ideals of foreign students as well as their own ideals. We havenít yet made any international friendships. We hope to do it in the nearest future.
Yuri Gagarin
was the first human being to journey into space.
By Sergei Anokhin and Danila Grigoriev from Kurgan, Russia
Kirill Yevstigneev
By Misha from Kurgan
Gavril Abramovich Ilizarov
By Kate Tayurskaya and Nadia Osipova from Kurgan, Russia
Terenty Maltsev
By Lera Vokhmyanina and Julia Ananyeva from Kurgan, Russia

Helen Collins
By Lera from Kurgan
Mr. Gibbs By Olga
Svetlana Savitskaya
By Roman from Kurgan
Georgi Zhukov By Nadya

Vladimir Mironov By Danil
Andrey Tyunin By Anrei
Sergey Solnechnikov By Sergey
Ivan Michurin By Victor

Valentina Tereshkova By Katya

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