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Kayla Briet - SIZZLE
DEAR AMERICA - student honoree
Smoke That Travels [Trailer]
Life We Got

Light of the Night
Relative Persuasion
Sigo Adelante

Los Angeles Calls to Prayer
Second Cycles
Take a Look at Yourself
This is My Place

Reach for the Stars
Better than Baghdad

Happy Place
Tomorrow Today
MY HERO Report II - Slater
Help Mary Save Coral

Mystical Arts of Tibet
The MY HERO Report II - Rowena Gerber
Spark of Inspiration

The Ocean We Want To Know
Molly's Film [excerpt]
MY HERO Report II - Sidibay

Malala Yousafzai - 2012
Chicky's Organic garden
Ruth Foster
Wangari Maathai

Bring Them Home
Ellie Wen
Imagine Peace

Commit to our Earth

4th grade - Weemes Elementary School - USC Family of Schools Los Angeles
Go Diego

Ms. Brown
Art in the Village

Royal Film Commission- Amman, Jordan - Middle and High School
MY HERO Global Exchange: Jordan
The Man in Orange
Call to Create
Life in a Box

Operation Smile
My Mother is My Hero
The Mirror

Student films from Laguna Beach
Boys and Girls Club is My Hero
Dont Blow It
Trash Talk
Save the Scenery

Wildlife Waystation
Together We Can Create World Peace
Thurston Eco Club
Crystal Cove State Park Nature Film

Surfer's Healing
Faye Chapman: An Artist With A Purpose
Zero Trash Hero

Why Burma
Laguna Beach Animal Shelter
The Friendship Shelter

Make A Wish
Saviors of the Sea
Have a Home Run Day
The Man Behind the Curtains

The Surfrider Club
The American Dream

Slater Jewell-Kemker - MY HERO Student Reporter
Slater's MY HERO Work
JOANNE Tawfilis - peacemaker hero
Don't Give it All Away
Painting Peace

Slater Jewell-Kemker - Special Hero Award
MY HERO Reporter Slater interviews Jackie Speier
Peace Begins
United Nations Celebration of Earth Day 07

A Voice in Copenhagen
My trip to Catalina Island

Taft High School, Los Angeles
Breaking the Chain
My Best Friend
Pass the PEACE
Conserve Water

Signs of Peace
I'm Not a Soup Can (Don't Label Me)
Express Your Emotions
Friendship and the Hero Within

Make a Difference - Queen Rania

College Works
The Cola Kayak
Plastic Plague
Heroes of the Season

Shelter Me: The Documentary

Films from Australian Students
See, Listen, Speak: Ngarrindjeri's being heard
Feather Flowers
Pinnaroo Surfer
Saviour of the Seas

Good Food Strong Body Good Mind
Billie Remembers
The Last Days of June
Forgotten - Fred's Van

Crafts Middle School in Mexico
Hipolito Rodriguez: A Quest for La Joyita
A Fireman
The Wright Brothers
Leonardo Da Vinci

Steve Irwin
Alfred Pacino Gerard
Nelson Mandela
Nazaret Home

Pope John Paul the Second
Che Guevara

Bosnia Herzgovnia
Valentina Mindoljevic
OKC Abrasevic

Bosna Bakery
Young Astronomers
Flying Man
MY HERO Global Exchange: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Senegal Hero Fest Day 2009
Bridge of Unity
Awadi: Messenger of Truth
Heroes Day

The Call of the Drums
Mother Mary
Mother Porridge
Never Give Up

The Healer
MY HERO Global Exchange: Senegal

Kosovo Heroes
Women for Women
A Bohem

MY HERO Global Exchange: Kosovo

Search for a Hero
Everyone is a Hero
Breakdancers of Konik City
MY HERO Global Exchange: Montenegro

Life Needs Art
Back to Nature
Tetovo Hero City
MY HERO Global Exchange: Macedonia

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