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My students and I took part in the  "My hero Project' for the first time. It's an excellent project which unites people of different cultures! My students have learned to work in a team, to think over the question "Who is an example for me, Whom I'm proud of?" It's very important! They have learned to be tolerant and besides working on our Class Survey we have learned more about the place we live in! My students were very happy when they got letters from our partners! It's a valuable experience!

My hero- Sonya Esman -
My film is about the popular American model and videoblogger Sonya Esman. I gave some information about her and there is a short video from the ceremony of awarding her in the channel
Producer: Sonya Vorontsova
My hero - my grandfather -
My film is about my grandfather, I gave some information about him and showed pictures where you can see some of his medals, diplomas.
Producer: Alina Karlina
My hero - my grandfather -
My hero is my grandfather, inventor. I gave some facts from his life and told about his inventions and his contribution to the economy of my province. My short film contains some pictures of my grandfather
Producer: Karina Palchikova
My hero - Pushkin A. -
My hero is a famous Russian poet Pushkin. Here is some information about him and pictures.
Producer: Nastya Katonina

My hero - Leonardo DiCaprio -
My hero is Leonardo DiCaprio. Here is some information about him, some photos and a short extract frot the Ceremony of Oscar's Award.
Producer: Nastya Kopyonkina
My hero - Albert Einstein -
My film is about the famous physisist A. Einstine.I gave some information about him.There are several pictures of him.
Producer: Karen Stepanyan
My hero - Steve Jobs -
My hero is Steve Jobs, the creator of the firts computer and the founder of the Company
Producer: John Barsegyan

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