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MY HERO's Favorite Art, Film and Stories
from all ages and grades...
The MY HERO Project has been adding to its ever-growing archive of stories, art and film since 1995.

The Linden Singing Tree
by 800 students from Inner City and Suburban Pittsburgh, PA, under the guidance of Laurie Marshall
by Grade 6 Class at Aghbalou Elementary School
Hands of Hope
by Participants of the annual iEarn conference in Canada 2010
John Muir
by Robert Shetterly

Feeding Me for Life
by Julio Lukwago of Uganda
Amelia Earhart
by Christine from Valley View Elementary
one word
by Quinn Matthews

Film - Elementary School
Ruth Foster - Canada
4th Grader Miranda is inspired by her environmental hero Ruth Foster.
Producer: Miranda Andersen
Sam - USA
Sam is a helpful seeing-eye dog. Made possible by a grant from the California Arts Council 2008.
Producer: Katherine, Jose, Guillermo and Arlene
Feather Flowers - Australia
A young woman talks to her hero, her grandmother, who tells her stories of her early life in Australia.
Producer: Meg and Lacey

Film - Middle School
A middle school-er wanted to know "What would you say to the world?"
Producer: Nathan Kress
The Man in Orange - Jordan
Students in Jordan discuss their heroes who work to make their city clean.
Producer: Nadine, Mohammad, Aya and Deya
Life in a Box - Jordan
Hatem is a heroic young autistic boy living in Jordan.
Producer: Leen, Ramez, Sabal & Najaa

Film - High School
Have a Home Run Day -
Skipper is a true hometown hero who inspires everyone he meets with his sense of joy.
Producer: John Barrett & Austin Dodge
Surfer's Healing -
A non-profit gives autistic children a chance to shine.
Producer: Jack Winter
Call to Create - Jordan
An exploration of how creativity can be heroic.
Producer: Ghazel Etoum, Hanen Karajah, Dana Khamis & Samia Kayyali
The Healer - Senegal
The Healer uses the natural world to cure his community.
Producer: Fary Sakho

The Minda Story - Australia
The disabled workers at Minda have a strong community of friends.
Producer: Emily Wirth and Dave Mikolaj
Saviour of the Seas - Australia
Aaron Machado rescues sea animals in danger.
Producer: Suriah Fishburn Bungey, Ashleigh Tardivo, Jessica Judd-Ireland
Peace Begins - Canada
Slater works with other youth activists in a colorful celebration of Peace Day.
Producer: Slater Jewell-Kemker

Film - College
Heroes of the Season - USA
Athletes discuss overcoming obstacles to compete in a national snowboarding competition.
Producer: Oscar Loreto and Sarah Noone
The Cola Kayak -
An adventure down the LA river on a kayak made of recycled materials. 2008
Producer: Jody Lemmon
Joey - USA
Joey is a remarkable hero who captured the heart of filmmaker Shaun MacGilllivray.
Producer: Shaun MacGillivray
Plastic Plague - USA
Plastic pollution is threatening the ocean's ecosystems, but we can work together to prevent further damage!
Producer: Jody Lemmon

Stories - Elementary School
Becky Matkov
works to preserve Miami's indigenous history.
By Madeline from Miami
Graham Hartley Woolfall
was an accomplished architect who is admired and loved by his great granddaughter.
By Natalie from Laguna Beach
Jennifer Porter
is a hero to her daughter, Stephanie, because of the way she humbly cares for her family and others.
By Stephanie from Lindon
J.N. (Ding) Darling
was a conservationist and cartoonist who used his art to raise awareness about the environment.
By Lauren from Charlotte

Lindsay Leigh Kimmett
inspires her cousin to live life to the fullest and never stop growing.
By Carly from Calgary
Martin Luther King, Jr.
brought change through non-violence. by Nick Campbell from Juneau, Alaska
Devin VanCleave
was the Ambassador for a campaign to collect toys for children's hospitals.
By Rolf from Portland
Marie-Rose Gineste
By Gil from Washington

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The New Dealer
guided the United States through the Great Depression and World War II.
By Catherine from Manhasset
Norm Flynn
founded an organization committed to empowering kids through ice hockey.
By Brayden from Anmore, B.C., Canada
Raoul Wallenberg
saved thousands of lives during the Holocaust.
By Ms. Fraser's Class
Thomas Alva Edison
By Caleb from Lincoln

Azie Morton
valued education and gave back to her community.
By Alex from Austin
Amelia Earhart
By Christine from La Crescenta
The Danish Resistance
acted bravely in a time of darkness.
By Karthik from Washington
Art Miki
founded the National Association for Japanese Canadians to help redress Japanese rights lost during WWII.
By Taylor from Delta, British Columbia, CA

save lives by sniffing out landmines.
By Maxine from Austin
Louisa May Alcott
was the beloved author of 'Little Women.'
By Camille from Laguna Beach
Pauline Shubel Buzan
By Jamie from Laguna Beach
Denise Buchner
is a hero to her son, Oliver, because she helps people in Third World countries.
By Oliver from Redwood Meadows

Stories - Middle School
Sadie Dunn
is an inspiring role model as a teacher and great-grandmother.
By Jemirio from Roxboro
Mary Cassatt
filled the world with her beautiful paintings of children, mothers, love and kindness.
By Claire from New York
led his dog team on the lifesaving 1925 serum run to Rome, Alaska
By Brooke from Toronto, Canada
Martina's Aunt Heather leaves everything to help others.
By Martina from Buenos Aires

Benjamin Kahn
involves school children in regrowing coral to help save damaged reefs in the Red Sea.
By Christina, Caracol, Maddie, and Sophie
from Seattle
By Mohamed from Tinghir
Clara Hale
was foster mother and founder of the Hale House.
By Jessica from Mississauga, Canada
Austin Gutwein
founded Hoops of Hope.
By Lindsey from Palmer, Massachusetts

Benjamin Franklin
was an inventor, diplomat, writer, and a huge influence on American history.
By Scott from Montvale
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
is the president of Liberia and the first woman to be head of state in all of Africa.
By Caroline, Julia and Zoe
New Haven County, CT
Jean-Michel Cousteau
is committed to protecting the ocean for future generations through education and conservation.
By Slater
Soichiro Honda
was a successful inventor and businessman who built the Honda Motor Company.
By Isabella from San Francisco

Mohamed Anwar El Sadat
risked his life for peace.
By Youssef from Cairo
Sandra Kay Yow
is a groundbreaking women's basketball coach and founder of Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund.
By Callie from Roxboro
Stephen Siller: From The Tunnel to the Towers
was a firefighter who bravely sacrificed his life to save others on 9/11.
By Vincent from Manhassat
Ella Fitzgerald
was a beloved songstress who used her success to help people of all races, cultures and beliefs.
By Julie from Selden

Hoang V. Vu
never gives up; he knows there is always hope and teaches his daughter that 'Every little thing helps!'
By Jessica from Mississauga

Stories - High School
Doctor Steven Kopits
was a compassionate physician who lives on in the hearts of his patients.
By Jonny from Fredericksburg
Dr. Barbara Ross Lee
became the first African American woman dean of a US medical school.
By Sabin from Raleigh
Lou Ferrigno
is a successful actor and bodybuilder who overcame a hearing disability.
By Hunter from Fredericksburg
S.A.D. Horse Rescue
is dedicated to rescuing neglected draft horses.
By Lindsay from Millbrook

Karla Diane Hurrell
and her husband have fostered over 150 children.
By Sara from Joplin
Yury Usachev
is a famous Russian cosmonaut and passionate ambassador for the space program.
By Vera from Korolev
Raden Ajeng Kartini
championed education and civil rights for women in Indonesia.
By Ines from Jakarta
Dean Kamen
makes science and technology exciting for young people,
By Oleg from Toronto

Ansel Adams
was an 'artist-activist' whose photographs of nature inspired conservation.
By Donita from Billings, Montana
Derwin and Tori
gave Ian, and other kids, a chance at a better life.
By Ian from Woodland Hills
Josephine Baker
was a popular African American dancer in France, fought for civil rights and freedom against the Nazis.
By Amélie from Lyon
Eddie Aikau
loved the sea and often risked his life to save others
By Jon from Pukalani, Hawaii

Fridtjof Nansen
was a daring explorer, a freedom fighter, and a selfless humanitarian.
By Sasha from Fredericksburg
Dr. Edward Jenner
discovered the vaccine.
By Tomas from Fredericksburg
Dr. Gloria WilderBrathwaite
was inspired to provide health care to the poor in the innner city.
By Victoria from Raleigh
End Malaria Campaign and ToyJoy Project 2010
By Benson Kedumele from Gaborone, Botswana

Stories - College/University
Catherine Malonza
saved her brother's life.
By Keegan Malonza from San Marcos
Ranald MacDonald
was a Native American/Scot wayfarer who helped open up Japan to the West.
By Kelley from Spokane
Dick Hoyt
is a dedicated Dad who breaks down barriers to his son's disability.
By Jay from Spokane
Frederick Douglass
courageously spoke out against slavery and became a trusted advisor to Abraham Lincoln.
By Donna from Cal State Fullerton

Galileo Galilei
was the first to use a telescope to observe the stars and planets.
By Patricia from Spokane

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