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Heroic Virtues: Anatomy of A Heroic Action
by Charles Harper, The MY HERO Project (Laguna Beach, CA)
Written By
Charles Harper, The MY HERO Project (Laguna Beach, CA)

Grade Level

Arts - Media,Arts - Music,English/Language Arts,Social Studies,

In our examination of heroic virtues we explore the idea that the character of the hero may be as important as the heroic act or mission itself. We ask the question:

“Would a hero be a hero if he or she did not possess virtues of character that were as inspiring as the 'heroic' quest itself?”


Students will explore the anatomy of a heroic act and engage in a critical discussion about the difference between a heroic action or mission and the labors of everyday life expected from all of us as contributing, productive members of society.

Students will:
  • Break down the heroic act into five parts
  • Discuss examples of heroic quests
  • Be challenged to reflect on their own heroic quest

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