Amr Khaled

by Alaa from Alexandria, Egypt

Amr Khaled is an Egyptian Muslim activist and preacher. He has recently been chosen as one of the world's 100 most influential people by Time Magazine. He was born in September 1967, he graduated from Cairo University with a degree in accounting, he received his diploma from an Islamic Institute and then he received a Ph.D at the University of Wales. He began preaching in mosques and then he moved to full-time preaching on television.

Amr Khaled rejects extremism and strongly denounced the actions of Osama bin Laden. He was exposed to attack by the rule of former regime of Mubarak, his programs were banned from display on the official Egyptian channels and he was prevented from entering Egypt for many years. His main teachings remain the same as those before him in more modern media, talking about everyday actions to get closer to Allah such as honesty, humbleness, and being polite. He believes that for society to improve it must change from the grassroots (from the bottom up). Khaled promotes community development in the Arabic and Muslim nations based on what he terms "Faith Based Development". The idea is for people to develop their communities and countries with faith as their motivator and guide.

Amr Khaled has a great personality, he is modest, helpful, cooperative, dedicated to his work and he has a great belief in God, his ideas and in the power of the youth in changing their society.

I think he is a hero because he made a lot of changes to the Arabic society, helped many poor people and improved their lives. He makes good use of the power of the youth, he uses the ideas of the youth in improving society. He has inspired the Arabic youth to contribute to the social economic development of their countries by launching the "Life makers" Concept

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