Abbi Warren

by Ashley from Waverly

Abbi and Me at the Movies!
Abbi and Me at the Movies!

My hero is Abbi Warren. She is my hero because when she was 9 her parents got divorced and then when she was 10 her dad died of a heart attack. Her mom recently got engaged, too. She's been nothing but optimistic since her parents got divorced. She said her personal hero is her mom, Cindy, because she always has a positive outlook on life.

Abbi and I met when she moved into my neighborhood at age 2. She and I have been best friends ever since. But, when she was 9, there was trouble. She said that she couldn't really tell that her parents were drifting apart. Then, one day, she came up to me and told me that her parents were getting divorced. She had a hard time, of course, but she pulled through.

Her 10th birthday party was the last time she ever saw her dad. When I asked her what she would do if she went back to that day, she said she would've said goodbye and that she loved him. She said she just said a simple "Goodbye, I love you!" to him and hugged him. She found out a couple of days after her party that her dad died. She said she remembers that her mom and uncle went up to Iowa at 3am. My mom told me the next day and I went over to Abbi's to comfort her. We both ended up bawling because she was very close with him and so was I.

Her mom found a boyfriend, though. His name is Dave. On Easter this year, he proposed to her mom. Cindy said yes. The moved up to Elkhorn this summer, after Abbi and her little brother, Chase, lived here for 11 years. Abbi and Chase also got some step siblings. She has a step sister, Katelynn, who's 12, and two step brothers, Cameron and Thomas, who are 14 and 18. She says the one thing she misses about Waverly is all her friends, but she really likes her new school in Elkhorn. She said her two best friends in Elkhorn are McKenzie and Olivia. The one thing she loves about her mom being engaged is that her mom is really happy. She also said she wants to tell her dad that she misses and loves him, and that she's happy.

Abbi is an inspiration to me. We consider each other to be sisters. Me and my brother are close with Chase and Abbi, and Chase and Abbi are close with me and Aaron. I still keep in touch with Abbi, even though she now lives and hour away.

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