by Sawyer from DeWitt

My hero is my cousin Abbie. She is the one who got me into soccer. She is about 18 and she went to college so I haven't seen her in awhile. But she is at all the parties that we have and whenever she's at the parties, most of my cousins get together and play sports.

She plays soccer at the college that she goes to. She is the 2nd oldest in her family. She is the first of the children in the family to go to college. She is one of my favorite cousins and I think I'm her favorite cousin too.

Abbie is my favorite cooooooouuuuuussssssssssssiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn. Her favorite food is pizza.

She has a 20 year old friend and me and him really don't spend much time together but when we do it's really fun. He plays soccer at the college that my cousin goes to.

She is my favorite cousin and I'm going to see her soon because of all the holidays coming up.

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