Abdullah El-jammali

by Hannya from Dearborn Heights

My hero is my father. My father Abdullah; he has 4 kids and a very nice and caring wife. He is my hero because he helps me in everyday life. If it wasn’t for him taking care of me, I would not be well right now. I appreciate every thing he does for me. My father is the leader of my family and he does the best job that any human can do to do a great task.

He is a hero in many other ways. Like for example, we got into an accident in 1999 with my mother and it happened to be in front of his office. He ran out of his office to come see what happened and my brother’s nose began to bleed severely. He also broke his leg; he called the ambulance and rushed him into the ambulance. My father is the best father that there can ever be! I love him so much and I will always look up to him.

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