by Abdulnaser from Nashville

My uncle Abullatif Ahmed is my hero. He is like my brother and my father. I chose him because he helped me a lot when I came to United States of America. He has benefited   his country and America and all the people that know him think he's a hero because he is the first person from Somalia that learned a job skill in America.  He helped many people from Yemen because he taught about fifteen people how to fix cars.  After these people learned to fix cars they went back to Yemen and opened shops.  Now they make enough money to enjoy their life.   

Abdullatif was born in Somalia and came to America 12 years ago when he was 23 years old. He left school when he was young because he had a plan to create a better future.   After one year he went to mechanical school in Yemen and graduated.  Finally he was working for little money in Yemen and his father didn't like that kind of a work.  His dad let him go to America because they had a lot chances for work.  When he came to the USA he was on an assembly line for a large auto company. He was working for little money because he didn't know how to speak English.  After three years he moved up in the company and then he started to send money to his family.  Finally he opened his garage and hired workers.  He is Muslim and married to my aunt who has three children.  One child graduated from High School last year.  My uncle contributed to the progress of both his country and America.

I hope everyone can be a hero because maybe in your future someone will be talking about you. Maybe they will say that person is my hero because I like him or I want to be like him or her.  Now there are a lot of people are working thanks to my uncle. The most important thing is when my uncle helped others because one day they will remember him because he is a good person that likes to do good for others.

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