Young Heroes
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by Bogdan from Donduseni

Today I want to tell you about the mythical hero and his name is Achilles.

The Childhood Of Achilles
From the marriage of the Olympian gods with mortals were born heroes. They were endowed with enormous strength and superhuman abilities, but possessed immortality. The heroes had to perform on earth the will of the gods, to bring to life people order and justice. With the help of their divine parents, they had performed all kinds of feats. Heroes highly revered, legends about them have been passed down from generation to generation. Tales unanimously called Achilles son of the mortal - Peleus, king of myrmidons, his mother, the sea goddess Thetis, belongs to the immortal spirits. The original version of the birth of Achilles mention the furnace of Hephaestus, where Thetis, wanting to deify the Achilles (and to make him immortal), put son, holding him by the heel. According to another ancient tradition, which does not mention Homer, Achilles's mother, Thetis, wanting to experience the death of her son and immortal, wanted to dip a newborn baby Achilles in boiling water, just as she did with the former their children, but this was opposed by the Peleus. The later legends tell us that Thetis, wanting to make her son immortal, dipped him in the waters of Styx, or, in another version, into the fire, so that only one heel, which she held him remained vulnerable; hence, the still used the adage "Achilles heel" - to refer to someone's weaknesses.

The education of Achilles, and the beginning of the war against Troy
 The education of Achilles, received from Phoenix, therapeutic art was taught by the centaur Chiron. According to another legend Achilles did not know of the medical art, but nonetheless healed the Phone The legend polygamerous cycle reports that Thetis, wishing to save his son from participating in his fatal campaign, he hid it from Lacomeda, the king of the island of Skyros, where Achilles in women's clothes was between the king's daughters. Clever Ruse of Odysseus, who under the guise of a merchant laid out in front of the girls and women's jewelry, mixing in them the weapon, ordered suddenly to raise the battle cry and the noise, so they found Achilles (who immediately grabbed the weapon), exposed Achilles was forced to join the campaign of the Greeks.

The Death Of Achilles
 Legends tell of the epic cycle that further the siege of Troy, Achilles was killed in battle the Queen of the Amazons with Penthesilea and the Ethiopian Prince Memnon, who came to the aid of the Trojans. Memnon killed Achilles in revenge for his friend Antalaha, son of Nestor. In the poem Quint Achilles killed 6 Amazons, 2 Trojans and the Ethiopian Memnon. According to Hyginus, he was killed Troilus, Actinomy and Philemena. All in all, from the hand of Achilles fell 72 warrior. Defeating lots of enemies, Achilles in the last fight came to skaski the gates of Ilium, but here the arrow shot from the bow of Paris by the hand of Apollo, struck him in the heel, and the hero died. According to some authors Achilles directly killed by Apollo or by the arrow of Apollo, in the likeness of Paris, or Paris hiding behind a statue of Apollo Fibrescope. The earliest author who mentions the vulnerability of the ankle Achilles - Habitats, however, have an earlier image on the amphora VI century BC, where we see Achilles, wounded in the leg

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