Aitan Grossman

by Becky Miller

"What my friends and I want is a way for frustrated kids like me to be part of the solution."
Aitan Grossman ( (
Aitan Grossman ( (

Aitan first developed a passion for environmental stewardship through his love and care for animals and their habitats. He soon became concerned with the pollution that he was seeing in his own community. When Aitan was twelve, he read Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth and became determined to do his part to protect the environment. Since he loved writing music, he decided to share his concerns by writing a song, called 100 Generations, in order to raise awareness of environmental dangers. He invited his friends to help record the song, and then shared it with his entire school. Encouraged by the positive reactions to his music, Aitan obtained a copyright for 100 Generations and put it on iTunes. Finally, he started a nonprofit called KidEarth to promote the song and raise money for environmental awareness.

Going forward, his family took a trip to Botswana and invited school children there to sing and record verses of Aitan’s music. Through social media, Aitan, his parents and his school community spread the word and shared his song with students from around the world. Since then, thousands have heard 100 Generations and have participated in singing and sharing it with even more students. 


Aitan says that to him, 'advocate' means taking a problem, taking what concerns you and doing what you can to make it better.

"All the problems for the future revolve around the environment. If we take care of it, it will take care of us."

One Hundred Generations
by Aitan Grossman


The air is getting warm,

My eyes are burning.

This is the biggest storm,

The tide is turning

I see the waiving wheat,

I see the redwood tree,

They wither in the heat.

What will become of me?


All of the bread we eat,

All of our farming,

Will there be any meat?

The world is warming.

Our streams are full of tires,

Our trees are burning

In wild forest fires.

We must start learning now.


The sun shines through the clouds

And beams right on me.

I shall not put on shrouds

To weigh upon me.

Here comes the giant flood

And fifteen hurricanes.

I’ll open flower buds

With the fresh air and the rain.



Hawk you fly into the wild.

I am like a little child.

You and I, we share the same elation.

River run down from heaven’s hill,

Ever flow I know you will,

Lasting for 100 generations.

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The film Aitan Grossman is a finalist in the official selections of the 8th Annual MY HERO Film Festival.