Angel Heroes

by Students from Dallas

Our group chose the category of angelic heroes. We chose this category because these people are good examples to continue. The heroes chosen are Pope John Paul II, Holy Joesphine Bakhita, and Dorothy Day. Angelic heroes listened to God and their hearts. They are our heroes because they show us how to act. They are also very compassionate people that work to help other. Their actions inspire us.

Dorothy Day was born in 1897 in New York. I have always been inspired by her actions and her life. In her life, she worked to promote the rights of the workers and the poor. The majority of people want to make Dorothy Day a saint but she is not a saint yet. The first step in her canonization was in 2000 when Vatican approved the nomination of Cardinal John O'Connor. Dorothy Day is a hero for many women and Catholics. I hope that she will become a saint in twenty years. When she was a girl, Dorothy Day he was raised in Chicago. She read many newspapers and novels. The Jungle, writing of Upton Sinclair, was her favorite one because it discusses the problems of society. Dorothy Day would have graduated from the University of Illinois, but she left the university in 1914 so that she could work as an American journalist. At the beginning, Dorothy Day was not a Catholic. Nevertheless, finally she converted to Catholicism. Then she began the newspaper, "The Catholic Worker." She wrote on the injustices against the workers. To Dorothy, all people are children of God. Therefore, she created refuge for the poor, drunk and lazy people, and women. She was passionate about her work and improving he life of the poor. Also, Dorothy Day promoted peace during the Cold War. She told the people, "Stop using the nuclear weapons against other people!" Many times, she was under arrest because of protests against the war. She had been imprisoned four times before the end of the war. She believed that justice and peace should always be supported. Dorothy Day died in 1980. She is my hero because lived her life for others and dedicated her time to help them.

My hero is a Saint Josephine Bakhita. Holy Bakhita lived in 1869 in they Sweat. She was abducted when was a girl. Her owner was very gross and physical with Bakhita. A new owner came to Bakhita called Mr. Legnani and they moved to Italy. Mr. Legnani I gave Bakhita to Mr. Michieli. Mr. Michieli and his shackle had a daughter and Bakhita been placed as the nanny of the girl and friend. When Mister and Lady Michieli returned to they Sweat for the work, Bakhita and the girl, Mimmina, they remained with the Sisters Canosianas of the Institute of the catechumens in Venice. There, Bakhita found to God. After some months, received the sacraments and they were given him the name of Josefina. When Lady Michieli returned for Minimina and Bakhita Lady Michieli returned from Mimmina and Bakhita, Josefina remained with the Sisters Canosianas. She lived in the community Canosianas of Schio, until February 8, 1947 died. Josefina had always the hope of a better life. When they been placed in a part of the Sisters Canosianas, she was always a witness of the love of God. He helped with the services of the community such as to cook, to sew, and attending at the door. Attending the door signifies that she welcomed to the people in the institute Canosianas. She consoled the poor and those that suffer and encouraged to the ones that knocked on the door of the institute and welcomed the children of the school. She is an ideal example because she always persevered and she trusted in the God.

For me, a hero is a good model to follow. It is not necessary that the hero save to the world, but it is marked by the difference in the life of a person. The heroes should be recognized for all the towns as a good person. I believe that my hero complied all these requirements. Also, my hero was found in an environment where he could reflect with God. Above all, he was respected as the saint and he he was loving until he died in the year 2005.

My hero is Pope John Paul II. The original name of the Pope was Karol Józef Wojtyla. Karol was born by his mother and his father in Wadowice, Poland. He had two older brothers, but his sister - Olga - died when she was a baby. Later, the mother of Karol died when he was eight years old. Therefore, he grew with his brother that was 14 years old more than Karol – Edmund. When Edmund died of the fever, that made Karol very sad. Karol Wojtyla attended to the university Jagellónica of Krakow to study many languages. He became fluent in 12 languages, and, frequently, utilized nine of them when was Pope. After his father died as an official of the Polish army, Karol he thought to be a priest. He was ordained priest the day of All the Saints, November 1, 1946. In July of 1958, bishop by the Pope Pious was ordered XII. In 1978, Karol Wojtyla had become the Pope Juan Pablo II. As the Pope, one of the most important roles of Juan Pablo II went to teach to the people on the Christianity. He wrote 14 papal encyclicals and taught on

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