Thatcher Bailey

by Addy Borges

Thatcher Bailey is an old family friend who lives in Port Townsend. He owns and lives in, with his partner Phil, and sister Barbara, the Chevy Chase Beach Cabins. My mom met him fifteen years ago where she was working with her friend, Katie Holmes. Thatcher's office was right next door. They had lunch together every day, and later my mom and dad moved in to his old neighborhood in Seattle. They have been friends ever since.

In 1989 Thatcher was asked to help with raising some money for an AIDS housing foundation by some concerned Puget Sound citizens, but his partner, Frank Boushay, was, at the time, very sick with AIDS. So Thatcher said he couldn't do it. But, when Frank died, Thatcher decided to "do something positive, not just be sad." So he joined the group of citizens who wanted the AIDS housing. They worked hard earning enough money to open a housing situation for HIV- disabled people. They built two floors of bedrooms for people who didn't have a house to live in, and needed extra care, and a day health facility for people who had a place to live but still needed the extra care.

Thatcher is a very modest person. When I asked him who his hero was, he said he had never believed in heroes. Though he has done heroic things he is reluctant to be labeled a hero. He says "that we are all flawed and we should see that in ourselves. We shouldn't look in individuals, but in a group or community." I find that very inspiring and very selfless.

Thatcher was born in 1954 in Seattle. He was the youngest of three kids. As a kid he lived with a pasture and a forest by his house. There weren't very many people living near him, so he played mostly by himself. He said it was really beautiful.

Thatcher is a great poet and was the co- founder at Bay Press. Now he is in charge of Centrum.

Thatcher Bailey is a hero to me because he is probably the most generous guy I will ever know. He opened an AIDS housing facility after his partner died instead of just sitting around being sad. He is HIV- positive but he is still very selfless. He inspires me to do things that I believe should be done if I think they are right.

I feel very lucky to know a guy like Thatcher. I look forward to the visits up to Port Townsend and seeing him, Barbara, and Phil. Not everyone is fortunate enough to know such a generous person as Thatcher Bailey.

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