Animals Heroes


by Emily from Tiburon

A picture of my hero Blackie (I painted it (Emily))
A picture of my hero Blackie (I painted it (Emily))

Blackie is my hero. Blackie was born and lived in Kansas. Then he moved to Salinas, California, brought by a very nice cowboy in a big truck big enough for Blackie. The cowboy offered a career to Blackie for a rodeo gig where he only had to stand still. Blackie loved it until one day the vet said that his back was too swayed to sit on and ride. So after awhile, a nice man offered to buy Blackie. All he wanted was for Blackie to just stand there (Blackie loved doing that) while he picked oysters all day. Blackie loved standing there and watching everything. He loved it even more because all of the kids gave him apple, sugar and carrots all day. He loved his life so much.

Blackie saved Tiburon from having a huge shopping mall right where his pasture is. This kept away more air pollution. There would be way more trash and it would just be horrible for all of us. Blackie was always very nice to the kids who came to him. Then after 28 long years living in Tiburon, he sadly died in his sleep. Blackie now is buried right where he used to stand in Tiburon. A statue was built to remember Blackie. People still go to this field to visit Blackie and play on his statue. Blackie is my hero because he loved standing still and brought peace and beauty to Tiburon.

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