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Christopher Columbus

by Gisela from Colorado

<a href=>Portrait of Christopher Columbus</a>
Portrait of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451. He was born in Italy. He loved going fishing in his boat when he was a little boy. Christopher Columbus was a good man. I believe he was heroic because he was courageous, outgoing and mentally strong.

Christopher Columbus is courageous because he sailed out to sea. He went with the thought of not coming back. He took five boats with him on his trip to the ocean. He wanted to see what else was out there. He proved if you believe in something you could do it.

<a href=>Christopher Columbus</a>
Christopher Columbus

I consider him outgoing because two of his boats turned back. The men sailing those two boats were too scared to go on. There were only three boats left that were with him, but he didn’t quit. He kept on going to achieve his goal. A lot of people were scared - even him, but nothing would stop him.

Christopher Columbus was mentally strong with himself and others. He was willing to leave his family and his country. He didn’t give up no matter the obstacles. At last he found America, our home.

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He was a heroic man. Christopher Columbus changed the world; if it weren’t for him, America wouldn’t be here. A lot of people would have been too scared to do what he did. In conclusion, courageous, outgoing, and mentally strong are the traits of Christopher Columbus.

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