Teachers Heroes

David Benke

by Bakary from Atlanta

If you were a teacher at school one day and a deranged man with a rifle came rushing into the school, what would you do? Well, David Benke, a math teacher at Jefferson County School, is my hero because when a gunman ran into his school in Colorado he made a brave decision and decided to face the gunman himself. While fighting the gunman he was able to wrestle him to the ground. Others then helped to subdue the gunman and he was arrested. The criminal was later identified as Bruco Strong Eagle Eastwood at age 32. Bruco was held on two accounts on attempted murder. If Mr. Benke did not have the courage to take on the gunman, then there may have been a lot of murdered people that day. As a freshman student in high school, I find this type of bravery rare and I can relate to the fear of the students and how lucky they felt to have him there.

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