by Brittany from Columbus

I think a hero is someone way beyond of what you think about when you hear the word "hero." A hero is not Superman or Wonder Woman, those are characters. A hero is someone you can depend on and look up to, someone who has done some significant things in life as little as reminding you to do something, or helping an elder person across the street.

YES, I think a hero is important in a person's life because i think everyone needs someone to look up. You may have an idol but your idol may just as well be your hero.

My hero is my older brother, 3D (Dwight Demeatrius Demetri Starks). He is not only my brother but he was also my youth pastor in church. He is my hero because he is older, very mature and makes it easy to talk to talk to him. My brother always has a way to solve my problem. He really is my hero for more reasons than i can say.

3D is not my real brother. He was my step brother when our parents were together. I had never went to church until he moved in with us. He would talk about how much fun they have at their church. 3D eventually talked me into going. I did enjoy going. I went on Tuesdays for teen night/youth group, then I went to NEXGEN on Sundays. Nexgen was a separated church meeting for only middle school where we did more events, played more games to make it easy for us to want to be there and learn. My brother was always there for me through anything and everything. One day my grandparents were all at work and my sisters had a suspended license so my brother QUIT his job to take me to the hospital because they wouldn't let him leave. I also had the privilege to be baptized by my brother. I'm pretty sure that 3D is not only my hero, he does so much for everyone, cares about everyone. 3D is always so positive, just a great person in general.

My brother says a hero is one who loves people unconditionally and inspires change through that love. His hero is our old pastor Chris Newingham. He saved 3D and helps him a lot. He seen lots of potential in my brother and that helped him pursue his dream of becoming a leader in a church. I asked my brother, Is a hero needed in someone's life? He says, yes, a hero gives hope and gives a person something to aspire to "like Martin Luther King." He feels that an idol is someone you can look up to because they look nice and a hero you like because they have endured hard troubles. He said he has not done no heroic things in the world but God has worked some things through him and he is merely a tool.

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