Lance Armstrong

by Rok from Cerknica

His sporting career started in Plano, Texas. At the age of 13 he won the Iron Kids Triathlon and showed his talent. He became a professional when he was 16 years old. Before getting his high school diploma, he trained with the U.S. Olympic developmental team in Colorado Springs, Colorado. And that's how it began his career on a bike. He qualified for the junior world championship in Moscow in year 1989. In 1991 he was U.S. Amateur Champion and soon he became a professional. By 1996 he became world's number 1 cyclist. He was called in the U.S. Olympic team, to compete in the summer Olympic games in Atlanta. In early October, the doctors gave him the stunning news that he had cancer. When he started with chemotherapy his thoughts were to return to racing. The chemotherapy started to work. He formed the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This foundation helped others to fight cancer. He miraculously recovered from cancer and again started to race. In the year 1999 he won the 1st Tour de France. Then he added six more wins in the Tour de France. He won 7 Tour de France in a row. Now he has retired from cycling, but he still runs his Lance Armstrong Foundation helping other people with cancer.

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Lance Armstrong's desire to WIN AT ALL COSTS has cost him dearly.

On October 10th, 2012, The U.S. Anti-doping Agency released what it called “conclusive and undeniable proof” that Lance Armstrong had been found guilty of doping. Armstrong has been stripped of his titles and banned from competitive cycling for life. He has lost his trophies and his honor as a result of dishonest actions and behavior.

Lance Armstrong, once universally celebrated for his accomplishments in cycling and for helping cancer patients with his not for profit organization LIVESTRONG, will be stripped of all of his trophies as a result of using banned drugs to help enhance his performance.

Armstrong for the last few years has publicly fought and won his battle with testicular cancer.

His remarkable recovery and continued victories served to inspire millions to see that we each have great potential to survive and thrive in the face of adversity.

Lance Armstrong's work with the LIVESTRONG Foundation has been nothing short of a gift to mankind.

Now, in order to protect the not for profit organization from further embarrassment, due to his misconduct, he has stepped down as the Chairman.

We have decided to leave the Lance Armstrong stories online with this disclaimer to serve as a reminder that it is NEVER okay to use drugs to enhance performance. That is is not an honorable way to win.

The athletes who competed against Lance Armstrong have been cheated. He has cheated them and himself by making these unfortunate choices.

We hope that the good work that Lance Armstrong has achieved through LIVESTRONG as a result of his fame will continue.