Explorers Heroes

Steve Irwin

by Brian from Lafayette Hill

"Animals are my life and that is why I do this job," said Steve. Steve lived in Beerwah, Victoria. He lived up to age 44. He lived a short life for someone who was so caring to animals. Steve led an adventuresome life. Steve was very generous to animals and their environments.

Steve was caring because he never hurt any animals that he encountered, and he never took any animals away from their homes unless they were injured. During one of his shows, he encountered a dead crocodile, and he started to cry showing that he cares so much for these animals.

Steve led an adventuresome life because he went around the world to show us and to teach us about the animals he encountered. Some of the animals he encountered were snakes, crocodiles, and alligators.

Steve Irwin gently holding a baby tiger (
Steve Irwin gently holding a baby tiger (

Steve was generous because he started charities called International Crocodile Rescue and Wildlife Warriors Worldwide. They both protect animals and their environments. He donated 1.5 million dollars to those charities.

Steve Irwin helped many animals and I want to follow in his footsteps. I will never forget all the good things he did for all those animals.

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