by Brian from Wallingford

Sacagawea is my Hero!!
Sacagawea on the one dollar coin (
Sacagawea on the one dollar coin (

Sacagawea is my hero because she was so knowledgeable on where she was traveling, and knew many different languages. She was born in 1786 and died on December 20, 1812 of a very high fever. She was born and raised in Idaho. When she was 13 years old, Sacagawea was kidnapped by an Indian tribe called the Hidatsa. Later on in life she was sold to a French-Indian trapper named Charbonneau who eventually made Sacagawea his wife. Sacagawea later lived in North Dakota with her husband near the Mississippi River.

Sacagawea played a very significant role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition and that was to direct them, and also whenever they came across an Indian tribe, she would speak to them because she knew several languages. To me Sacagawea is like a personal navigational system, but to Lewis and Clark she was a translator. I know that Sacagawea was written about in Lewis and Clark's journal once upon a time and this really inspired me to write more to learn more about different ethnic backgrounds and to learn different languages.

Sacagawea has impacted I think many lives, especially Lewis and Clark and that expedition crew. I know that she has impacted my life and how I think and where I go and how I write so I thank her for that, even though she's gone and I never met her. Sacagawea is my Hero!

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