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by Megan from Arcadia

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Sacajawea is my hero. One day Hidastas, the enemy of the Shoshone tribe captured Sacajawea and friends. She was born in Idaho over 200 years ago. She helped Lewis and Clark explore the west.

Sacajawea is my hero because she cared about other people, not just herself. At the enemies’ camp, they made plans to escape. Sacajawea could have escaped, but she would not leave without her friends. She woke up Otter Woman, who, thinking she was going to be killed started screaming, which woke up the enemies. They found out almost all the girls had escaped except for Sacajawea and her two friends.

Another reason why I think Sacajawea is a hero is that she told other people to let Lewis and Clark pass through their territory. She could have just asked for her to pass through their territory. During the Lewis and Clark Expedition, she carried her baby on the 4,000-mile journey walking all the way, something a lot of woman couldn’t do. She was a very courageous and strong woman. She was the savior of the Lewis and Clark Expediton.

My last reason why Sacajawea is a hero is that she helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition even though the white men were the indians' enemies. She saved them many times during their expedition. That’s why Sacajawea is a true hero.

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