by Donovan from Blackstone Valley Prep

Donovan Baptista University of Chicago My Hero

He is stronger than 1000 men, he is faster than a speeding bullet, he wears spandex while he's fighting crime, he is the man of steel, he is Superman. He is my hero because he is always helping innocent people who are attacked by criminals. As a kid you always look up to someone who is strong and brave. He is just that. I always pictured my dad as Superman.

Superman was born in Krypton, a planet in outer space. Krypton was attacked and Superman's parents made the courageous decision of sending him to planet earth. When he arrived he was found by a family who lived in Kansas. They raised him like their own and named him Clark. They taught him how to be a gentlemen. As Clark grew up his family realized that there was something different about him. When he did his chores on the farm, without him knowing it, he showed his family how tremendously strong he was. Then Clark grew up and moved to a city called Metropolis. He got a job at newspaper place. There he met Louis Lane.

As Clark grew older he realized that he had powers. He had the strength of 1000 men, he was faster speeding bullet, speaking of bullets they bounced of his chest. He came up with the name superman he wore red and blue spandex. He was the caped crusader. One time a plane was going to crash land in Metropolis, but superman carried it to safety. One time a man named General Zod came to Earth and tried to take over. Superman fought him and sent him back to his planet. That is heroic because he saved the world. But then a business owner named Lex Luthor.  Lex despised Superman and he wanted to see Superman die. So he did a little research and found Superman's weakness. Krpytonite. Kryptonite was a green emerald that came from Krpyton. But before Lex could do anything to Superman he had to find out Superman's true identity

After a few years with peace in Metropolis Lex had a brilliant idea. He kidnapped Lois Lane. Superman found out and went to confronted Luthor .But he fell right into his trap. Luthor pulled out the Krpytonite and attacked Superman. Even though he was weak and didn't have much power he saved Lois Lane and fled Lex corp.

That is why Superman is my hero. He never gives up. One time an ugly monster zombie version of Superman came. Its name was Bizzaro. He had tremendous strength. He was terrorizing all of Metropolis. Superman came and got his butt handed to him. Then he started acting like Rocky Balboa and beat Bizzaro up. That is why Superman is my hero, he never gives up.

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