by Francisco from Farmersville

A Hero is a person that has done something or helped someone out. My heroes are my teachers. They are the best. No one has the time and the heart like my teachers do. They're one of a kind, unique, and awesome. They have really big hearts and care about you.

Mrs Contreras has helped me in my ELA. She knows how to do it really good. She has also helped me and understood what I've gone thru. Mrs Kennedy has helped me out in my driving skills with the book. She has also seen when i have my bad days and I'll talk to her. Sometimes she will tell me to keep my head up because I'll be down and wouldn't want to talk to anyone about it.

Mr. Jordan has helped me in my soccer. He will teach me a few techniques every time at practice and he will tell me the right way to do them. I have been talking to Mr Moran about my life and he will understand me every time. He is like my older brother because i can trust him with anything. He is the one that always helps me out in the bad times. I always talk to him about it

Overall the one i admire is Mr Mendez. He treats me like one of his kids and if he has to get me in trouble for what i have done I'll let him. He always cares and talks to me about his past and how he was when he was my age. He knows what I have been thru and he has always helped me in the bad times. He always tells me "think before you do". I'm always looking up to him because he became something big.

Overall My Teachers have been great heroes because they have been with me in the good times and the bad times. They have cared for me like my parents never did. I can talk to them about anything and they would understand me. They know what i have been through and have helped me out and some of them even made me who i am right now. I love u guys so much and will care for u guys like u guys care for me.

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