Terry Fox

by Matt from Nova Scotia in Canada

A hero is a great person who people remember because he or she did something that made a great difference in a someone else's life. Terry Fox is a great example for a hero. Terry Fox was a very smart person. He was a very determined person. Third, he was a very caring person. These are some of the reasons why Terry Fox is my hero.

Terry Fox
Terry Fox

Terry was a very smart person. He finished high school as a honor's student. He wanted to become a teacher and applied to the Vancouver’s Simon Framer University. Terry was also very smart. He knew that cancer was going to kill a lot of people in the future and he had to do something.

Terry was known as a very determined person. Terry did not like to miss a day of school and was determined not to do so. Terry was very determined to raise money for cancer. He was determined to raise a dollar from every Canadian, which would have been at the time $24.1 million. To raise the money, he wanted to run across Canada. He started his quest in the fall of 1979. He ran though Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newbrunswick, Quebec, and Ontario. Terry could not finish the race because he died on June 28,1981. This is why Terry was a determined person.

Terry was a very caring person. Terry was a caring person because he gave up the rest of his life to try and raise as much money as he could for cancer reseach. To this day, the total amount raised is his name is $360 million. Terry wanted to find the cure for cancer to save himself and thousands of other people. He was also very caring towards his family. He knew that now he had only one leg, his family would have to take care of him more and he did not want them to give up a lot of their time, so he went out and made a difference. This is why he was a caring person.

Terry Fox is a great example of a hero. Terry was a very smart person. Terry was known to be a determined person. He also was a very caring person. I think Terry Fox is the greatest hero.

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