by Elsie from Taipei, Taiwan

In my opinion, the person who is my hero is my junior high school teacher, Tina.

She has heard a lot about South Africa whether from TV and travel books, and everything in South Africa just deeply seized her, especially she wanted to be a volunteer and help people who are poor in there. So she went to Cape Town, the most prosperous and well-known city in South Africa, enjoyed the local culture and meeting new people. Second, she signed up for a voluntary camp, which aims to help some trivial things in the game park in Africa.

She has big ambition to complete everything she wants, and to help people everywhere, that's why she is my hero. I respect her attitude and she helps people and never asks anything in return from others.

My teacher, Tina (commencement ceremony ())
My teacher, Tina (commencement ceremony ())

One day I hope I can become a person that someone can also be proud of me.

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