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Yuri Gagarin

by Stone, grade 4, from Canada

"I see earth! It''s so beautiful!"
Yuri Gagarin playing pool. ( ())
Yuri Gagarin playing pool. ( ())

I believe Yuri Gagarin was brave in space.

Firstly he thought about space before becoming Astronaut. While he was in space, he was so relaxed he even joked around with the ground control.

Secondly he had the courage to go in space and he also did training especially to become a jet fighter pilot, but he was the first person in space so he never knew before if he would come back! He lived during a war, when he was a child.

Finally, I think he had a sort-of difficult childhood, because when he was a child he saw a jet fighter plane crash down on his field and got curious. That is one reason he became a jet fighter pilot. Because he was a jet fighter pilot before he went in space.

For these reasons, I strongly believe Yuri Gagarin was brave in space and he had a lot of courage.

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