Alexander Hamilton

by Tejasi M from Montvale, NJ

Could you ever imagine your first friend, becoming your worst enemy and accidently... shoot you? Well, that’s what happened to Alexander Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton was one of many examples of a real life hero. Alexander Hamilton had many rough times- but he had a backstory just like any other person. Alexander Hamilton had a whole background and many accomplishments. Alexander Hamilton was positive, trustworthy, a person who made society better and faced many challenges.

Alexander Hamilton had a very rough childhood, very different than the average person’s. He was born January 11th, 1755. He lost his whole family at the age of 10, since his dad and big brother left. Why did they leave? It’s because the dad went with another woman and the brother of Hamilton went off for a job, and Hamilton’s mom died from a sickness. The orphan was alone now, and for that reason, he decided to get himself a job at the age of only 11! When the future Founding Father was 15, a deadly hurricane hit his town. Fortunately, he survived the hurricane. He wrote a beautiful, detailed piece about the hurricane. When people found out about the hero’s writing, they added it to the newspaper. People donated enough money for Hamilton to sail off to New York and go to college to study. Sadly, he died on July 12th, 1804 from a duel.

130124*~Hamilton~*Biography.comHamilton had many great accomplishments in his life. First, he went to a famous college, King’s College, at only SIXTEEN! In addition, he married Elizabeth Schuyler, who came from a famous and rich family in New York City. Soon they married, and had EIGHT children! Some other accomplishments are his bravery of fighting for the end of slavery, fighting in the Revolutionary War and helping America win, and the great citizen became the trusted advisor of George Washington. Furthermore, he was the first president’s assistant. For that reason, Washington made Hamilton Secretary of Treasury. He ran and created the first bank, while expanding it too. He was the first Secretary of Treasury too! Besides being a good citizen and doing so much for the country, he wrote 51 of the Federal Papers.

In conclusion, Hamilton had many ups and downs. He had a background like anyone else, and the brave hero also had many accomplishments. I think he really showed the acts of a good person and really helped the country and many other people. Without him, others could have messed up the federal bank, or even worse, we could have lost in the Revolutionary War and be ruled by Britain! Alexander Hamilton is a hero.

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