by Sally David-Weinstock from Glendale, California in United States

Chari, my meditation teacher, is my hero. He tells me we should not "fall in love, but rise in love." The meditation is called Heartfulness, and is practiced by thousands of people worldwide. He has been a positive influence on my family, as well as helping me realize that life is not about getting "stuff" but about forming a connection with God and my inner self.

He is from Chennai, India, a place where there are many poor people as well as rich people.  People there are taught to help each other, not just to buy things and live a material life. He has a wonderful sense of humor and gives talks about meditation and spirituality. He helps people become better by meditating every morning and every night. The meditation has an amazing effect on me; it calms me down, and has helped me accept the things I cannot change. I feel I have become a student of human nature through knowing Chari and doing the meditation as suggested.

Chari himself lives in a simple house with his son and his wife. He is not looking to be rich. In Pirkei Avot, Ethics of the Fathers, we are cautioned that "He is rich who is happy with what he has." This is exactly the teaching Chari has made me appreciate even more than I did when I attended a Jewish school. We are meant to live simply; wealth is a tool to be used to help others, not to acquire cars and jewels and more and more clothes. 

Chari has said that if you want to change the world, you must first change yourself. This is profound, and through the meditation and following Chari's advice about how to live my life, I have begun to be a better person. If I can do this, I know I can also help others. 

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Sally David Weinstock

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1985 – to present:

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Volunteer, St. Athanasius Episcopal Church, Echo Park, 2016-2018   Wrote copy and grant proposals for programs that promoted this organization in the community; obtained grants; excellent recommendations from Fr. Frank Alton


Blogs, helping to create a brand for 123notary and associated sites owned by this entrepreneur, 2012-2014

Created Lesson Plans & advised teachers (online/remote) Omega School, Chennai India Feb, 2011 – Jan, 2012  Revised and critiqued high school curriculum, as part of a team (online)  

         Mentored & advised new teachers 

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Visiting Faculty DeVry University, Pomona, CA Jan '09 – Dec, 2012

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Editor, Education Policy Lab, ASU, Tempe, Arizona  2004



Adjunct Instructor, English Composition, all levels Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ May '05 - Jun '08 Taught Comp I and II (Research and Writing); met with students one-on-one, in addition to online work with them on my own time. Excellent results and recommendations.  

Business Development Consultant, Proposal Writer Meta Academy, Tucson and Phoenix, AZ Aug '04 - Jan '06    

Obtained $500,000 federal grant  

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Associate Producer & Manager Harmony Video Productions, Holyoke, MA and Simsbury, CT Jan '97 - Jun '02  

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Wrote presentations, marketing plan & scripts. Producer of music videos and promotional projects for schools

Trained and supervised student staff.  Sales tripled, but business ultimately failed after 9/11/2001 

Executive Director, Allen Park Tenants Association, Springfield, MA  1994-95                                       Obtained grants for Education for Tenants

Director, Writing for Lawyers; Assistant Editor, The Longterm View, Massachusetts School of Law, Andover, MA

Jan '91 - Jun '93  

Assistant Editor, public policy journal, The Long Term View. Researched & conceptualized topics for each issue.       

Contacted & interviewed public figures. Wrote & edited articles from interviews; learned vocabulary of many disciplines; Edited prose from experts in various fields; good customer relations for MSL. Layout of publications. Left for new marriage, family, and life. 

Teacher of English Maimonides School, Brookline, MA Sep '87 - Jun '91 grades 9-12, Jewish Private School for children of Harvard elite and the upscale Jewish community. Taught Advanced Placement English, Writing, Literature, Study Skills

Several students won national writing contests and awards Students admitted to Harvard, Yale, and other fine schools; several students now famous. Conceived and developed student literary magazine, Prolifics, which won an NCTE award  

Teacher of SAT Prep, Stanley Kaplan Educational Centers Stanley Kaplan Educational Centers, Boston, Boston (all centers in city), MA Sep '84 - Jun '86

Trained with THE BEST: Nancy Kaplan, Stanley's daughter; based on my 800 SAT score

Learning this family system prepared me for teaching for the next twenty years

Family later sold the business, now a national franchise 



Certificate, graduate level, Professional & Technical Writing (English/ Technical Writing) University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Amherst, MA    including grant development


MAT (Masters in Teaching, Education & English), Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA; Masters plus 15 graduate credits in English; 12 graduate credits in Education towards a doctorate. Bachelor of Arts (English) Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA