Bonnie Fagen

by By:Kayla C. From:Altha,Fla.

My hero is my teacher,Mrs.Bonnie Fagen. The reason she is my hero is because one day,when I needed bad help,she was there.I know she will always be there.She not only helps me,but,all of my claasmates as well.She should be my classmates' hero too because she is a good hero.They need to realize that they are lucky because some teachers just assign the assignments,go to their desk,and when a student needs help,they would be too busy to help,so they would have to take the assignment home for homework and get mom or dad's help on it.

She is also my hero because outside from school(in the community)if she sees someone(she knows or not,young or old)she will help them do anything she can do to help them.Even though,she has two daughters,nothing can get in her way to stop her from helping someone.

Another reason for her being my hero is because when she is outside,and sees a piece of pollution(trash,cans,bottles,etc.)she will pick it up without being asked to.She and I have something in common,we both want to save our enviroment.

I think Mrs.Bonnie Fagen is a great hero.I hope I can be like her one day.How about you????

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