Ikram Eseghir , Mohamed 5 High School,
Kenitra, Morocco

It is certain that The MY HERO Project experience has been very enjoyable and enriching for my students and me. As a teacher, I greatly benefited from the resources and exchange of ideas the website offers; it has also enabled me to know more about my students: their heroes, idols,aspirations; it has also been an opportunity to discover many of their talents: writing, art, technology, that would otherwise have remained unknown!

For my students, this project has been an innovative learning activity: they have been responsible for their own learning (making decisions and choosing heroes/ how to present themes; it has offered them a secure and motivating space to collaborate, exchange ideas locally and globally as well as to freely express themselves; they have been using technology for a variety of purposes: connect, gather and organize information. In brief, this project- based activity has been a perfect model of 21st century learning
design that teachers all over the globe are aspiring for! So, thanks a million! On behalf of all my students, I would like to thank all the MY HERO team members. Special thanks are due to our facilitators Barry and Wendy for making this journey comfortable and successful, and of course, best wishes to all the teachers and students who have participated in this learning circle.

Last but not least, I would not miss the opportunity to deeply thank my students/ "heroes" who have produced excellent work despite time and curriculum constraints. I am so proud of them.

Vera Stoilov Spasova, O’ Naklo, Slovenia
Last year I worked with that same group of students in MY HERO Learning Circle. Those students are all at secondary school now but they've told me that learning about different countries and meeting new friends is the best reward after hard work.
Tatiana Nosareva , Gymnasium 14, Orekhova-Zuyevo, Moskovskaya Oblast, Russia
It's really challenging and exciting to deal with students whose passion and interests belong to English, literature, culture, communication, music and art. My Hero attracts me and my kids because it gives unique opportunities to learn something new, to interact with peers and make a difference - Challenging Educational Project!!! Wish you all peace in your families, countries, anywhere.