Film resources for celebrating the UN International Day of Peace in the Classroom!

MY HERO Honors Ron Kovic and Mohamed Sidibay who devote their lives to a more peaceful world. 

Screening these introductory films will take about 8 minutes and could be included in each section. These heroic individuals have transformed difficulty and suffering into leadership and passion for a better world!

Honoring RON KOVIC (4:23)

Producer: Jeanne Meyers
Ron Kovic is an accomplished author, painter, and activist who has worked for world peace over the last 40 years.

Mohamed Sidibay is a survivor of a horrific civil war in Sierra Leone, where he was forced to fight as a child soldier. Now he advocates for better access to education worldwide.

International Day of Peace - Mohamed Sidibay - Teaching Peace
Credit: MH

Peace films for Elementary School students

Screening this section of films will take about 23 minutes. These films use music and art to express the desire for peace.

Picture the World (3:18)

Producer: The Dreamteam
Picture A World of Peace

Let them Bloom (2:47)

Producer: Fauzia Minallah from PAKISTAN
A simple prayer for peace with beautiful illustrations.

AMAI The Bird of Light (3:52)

Producer: Fauzia Minallah from PAKISTAN
Amai wants children to know their world, love and respect it and work for making it a humane one.

Playing For Change: Peace Through Music (11:31)

Producer: Whitney Kroenke Burditt, David Ernst Bacon, and No...
Playing for Change | Peace through Music

Hummingbird [excerpt from dirt! THE MOVIE] (2:00)

Producer: Bill Benenson, Gene Rosow and Eleonore Dailly
Wangari Maathai shares a simple story to illustrate a powerful point.


1. Which film stayed with you the most?

2. Why is it important to create films and art for peace?

3. If you were going to make a film about peace how would you do it? 

4. What action can you take to make the world more peaceful?

5. Who is your peace hero and why?

Peace films for Middle and High School students

Screening these films will take about 37 minutes. The pieces utilize art and music to express strong opposition to the horrors of war. They also feature heroic individuals who have become advocates for conflict resolution and peace after experiencing the tragedy of violence.

Hands Up Don't Shoot (3:17)

Producer: RAP ARTIST:Queen McElrath, DIRECTOR: Aniea Cody, P...
Nashville students, Queen McElrath and team show love and talent for Michael Brown and the people of Ferguson Missouri.

Prayers for Peace (7:20)

Producer: Dustin Grella
A young man seeks peace on behalf of his brother.

A Battle for Peace (2:12)

Producer: Walking the dog / Directed by: Joost Jansen
A soldier goes to the front during World War I, whose horrors make him realise that the enemy is actually war itself. The testimony of this soldier stands as a methaphor for the terrible cruelty of war and the desire for peace.

Moral Courage: Stopping shootings in Brooklyn before they start (3:06)

Producer: Adam Grannick and Moral Courage TV

Save Our Streets organization works to prevent violence from happening to the youths of Crown Heights.

Post-war Machismo: Be a Man (8:34)

Producer: Liz Mermin

Dragan Kisin became a a community leader and non-violence advocate after joining the Be a Man club in Bosnia and Herzegovina's Banja Luka. 

Us and Us (5:18)

Producer: Righteous Conversations Project
A look at dehumanization through the eyes of a black teen and the history of genocides.

A Declaration of Interdependence (4:18)

Producer: Global participants
Award Winning Director Tiffany Shlain crowd sources her revision of the Declaration of Independence as A Declaration of Interdependence!

The Sunrise Storyteller - Trailer (1:54)

Producer: Marla Slavner
The Sunrise Storyteller follows the hero's journey of teenage filmmaker & social justice advocate, Kasha Sequoia Slavner.


1. Which of these films touched you the most and why?

2. Who of these heroes do you admire the most and why?

3. How does the art or music in the films impact you as a viewer?

4. What is your favorite genre in this group? Experimental, Music Video, or Documentary and why?

5. Do you know any peace heroes in your community?

6. Are you motivated to be a peacemaker?

Peace films for College students

Screening this group of films will take about 45 minutes. The themes explore heroism in forgiveness, overcoming obstacles, leadership in the face of wrong doing & communities coming together for peace.

Upstanders: The Mosque Across the Street (5:09)

Producer: Howard Schultz and Rajiv Chandrasekaran
What happens when a mosque moves across the street from a church in the Bible Belt?

Azim Khamisa: The Tool of Forgiveness (7:45)

Producer: The Institute for Advancing Unity/The Working Grou...
A grieving father overcomes tragedy by creating something beautiful in his son's name - Tariq Khamisa.

Defying Death in South Sudan (7:24)

Producer: Francis Mead
Defying death in South Sudan. Featuring Humanitarian Hero Award Winner Ken Payumo.

Reclaiming Pakistan (8:26)

Producer: Lisa Donato
A civil rights activist, Mohammad Jibran Nasir, sparks a social revolution after almost 140 children were killed in the Peshawar Army School tragedy.

Beyond Right and Wrong - Extended Trailer (5:13)

Producer: Lekha Singh and Rebecca Chaiklin

 Beyond Right & Wrong explores how survivors move on from violent conflict and become heroes of peace.

FAMBUL TOK (Family Talk) [Trailer] (2:12)

Producer: Sara Terry
Using the safety of the family circle to heal a nation.

Right To Play [Excerpt] (6:37)

Producer: Frank Marshall
Olympian Johann Olav Koss embarked on a remarkable journey to use sports to improve the lives of African children.

Pray the Devil Back to Hell - excerpt (5:14)

Producer: Abigail Disney (Producer) and Gini Reticker (Direc...
This important documentary sheds light on the "Womens Peace Movement of Liberia," and celebrates these unsung heroes. (excerpt)


1. Which of these films do you feel was the most personal story?

2. How do you cope with suffering? And have you ever turned a tragedy into an opportunity for activism?

3. Which film was the most impactful to you personally?

4. Do you feel motivated to take action for peace in your own life?

5. Why is forgiveness important for peace?

6. How can we become more tolerant as people?



Education as an avenue towards a more peaceful world!

View the film about Esther Wojcicki and her Moonshots in Education!

WOJ! (9:00)
Credit: Jeanne Meyers and Wendy Milette from The MY HERO Project

Ron Kovic Peace Prize in the MY HERO International Film Festival

Ron Kovic Peace Prize Sizzle (2:00)

Producer: Hila Hamidi
Learn all about the Ron Kovic Peace Prize in the MY HERO International Film Festival.

Click here to learn about the Ron Kovic Peace Prize, view previous winners and submit your peace film!

Submit your film for the RON KOVIC PEACE PRIZE
Credit: IMAGE: Occupy LA Rally

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